The Bet Ends

The Bet was made 10 weeks ago today.

How did I do you ask? Did I win my fancy new Coach? Did I succeed in losing those 10 lbs I set out to lose?

Hmmm….well I lost a total of (are you ready for this)…. 0.2 pounds! Yes, a whole 0.2 pounds.

Given that I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 days a week for the past month, I was pretty bummed to discover my tiny weight loss this morning.

However, I still have a few things going for me:
1) This is the beginning of The Bet II in which I have another 10 weeks to lose 10 lbs – so I have a clean slate.
2) Starting in April, I’m going to be working with a personal trainer at my gym for 5 weeks and hopefully she can whip me into shape and show me what I need to be doing.
3) I have not lost my motivation. I’m still as determined as I was before.

Several things could have contributed to the gain of the original 6 lbs I’d lost during those 10 weeks. Perhaps it was the mass consumption of all those Cadbury Eggs just a few short weeks ago. Another might be that I gained muscle weight with the cardio I’ve been doing. Either way, I did not reach my goal.

So here I go again….back to the drawing board so to speak.

The Bet II ends on June 4, 2008.

Wish Me Luck!


  1. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok i’m sorry….when i read 0.2 i busted out laughing! i ran back over it thinking i read it wrong! you got it this time steph!

  3. Best of Luck Stephanie! Are you going to be working out with Julia? Working with a trainer is the best. Those darn Cadbury Eggs. I blame the MALT LIQUOR for my troubles. Not to mention all my Vacations. I am back on the wagon too. I figure a LOSS is a LOSS. At least you didn’t gain. I’ve packed on 30 lbs since I’ve lived in TEXAS! BLAH! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  4. You can do it girl! I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for months now, but I need to get my butt to the gym too! Darn Cadberry Eggs, but I agree, I’m sure it has ALOT to do with muscle gain!!! 😉 Good luck babe!

  5. You just need a friend to workout with you.

    I can be her.

    Let’s do it together. We can hold hands through the internet. You know, track our results and motivate one another.

    What do you say. I would love nothing more then 10 pounds lost in 10 weeks. Sounds great to me!

  6. Oh, Steph…that’s simply not fair. Can I join in with you? I am desperate to lose a good 10 pounds. Maybe you can help motivate me.

  7. Good Luck! I’m trying to work out and eat healthy, too. Maybe I’ll join in your goal with you! 😉

  8. Stephanie — I’m relatively new to blogging and happened upon your blog a few weeks ago. I admire you for staying motivated with your fitness goals! The Cadbury Eggs are always my biggest weakness of the entire calendar year … I swear they sabotage every spring diet effort I have ever had since college! Keep up the hard work — it will pay off! :)

  9. Hellzayeah. You can. You will. I’ve been dieting for 3 months and lost 2 pounds! How pathetic is THAT!

  10. Um Congrats? Its always much easier to diet in summer anyways ,Good luck with the next challenge

  11. at least you didnt gain any weight and you are still motivated! You can do it! I know!! and that trainer is going to help you with everything – I wish I could have one for 5 weeks! GOOD LUCK! I know you will get that AWESOME Coach (that I am so jealous of!! haha) Love ya!

  12. Ok, as your nutritionist I should feel partly responsible for your failure. However, I felt that my life was in danger if I tried to pry away the Cadbury Egg from you during your sugar craved disposition. I have to think of my baby first.

  13. I completely agree with the addition of muscle being a factor in your lack of weight loss. A better judge would be to take measurements and make a goal to lose a certain amount of inches instead of pounds. That way you don’t go nuts and feel defeated every time you get on the scale. Just an idea. I hope the bet 2 ends with great success. Good luck!

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