Cadbury Crack

Like Elmo is crack for kids, Cadbury Creme Eggs are crack for me. I have to have them. I can consume so many in one day it is not even amusing. Easter is the worst holiday for me as far as snacking goes because I buy these everywhere I go. And I justify it by reminding myself that they are only available during one month of the year. And so I buy 2 or 3 or…4! And I eat them all. I have already gained some of my weight back because of this bad habit I have!

My last egg you ask? On the way to to work this morning! Will I stop on the way home for more? It’s extremely likely…

I don’t know how to quit them!


  1. You are too funny! I am lucky that they dont tempt me! You can do it girl…Coach purse vs. Cadberry egg! I think we all know the answer!!

  2. I am the same way with these things! And have you seen the mini ones that come in their own little carton?

  3. Wow, that should be added to your weird things list. They have such a bad visual to accompany the bad taste. My addiction around this time is the Reeses peanut butter eggs, they taste totally different that the cups I swear!

  4. I think it’s funny you’re addicted to those! :) But we all have something…mine tends to be the large reese’shape for the season. Right now it’s eggs but they are tempting no matter what their shape. My mom still does an Easter basket for me and that’s almost all I get….b/c that’s all I want! 😉

  5. If I get any of those I will be sure to send them your way. Or not, don’t want you gaining that weight back! Pretty strange lady.

  6. is it bad that I’ve never had one…?

  7. Stephanie,

    When you figure out how to quit. Send me the memo ASAP! My jeans are snug and my Easter dressed doesn’t fit!


  8. I haven’t had one yet this year….makes me want to go & get some :)

  9. Thankful, I don’t like those, either. And, I try to not by candy at the store….you are funny!

    Keep the eyes on the prize (and if you really have to, just stock up on the eggs until after the contest).

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yea my addiction this time of year is the reeses eggs. omg my mouth is watering thinking about them!!!

  11. yeah, I have to agree with Valerie on the Reeses Eggs… I cannot stand cadbury eggs…

  12. Oh good someone feel the say way about the wonderful egg like I do. My favorite part of easter are the cadbury egss!

  13. Ohh yes im a total cream egg junkie. I wish they were only available one month of the year here – officially its Christmas to easter but its more like beginning December till about 6-8 weeks after easter when “stock” runs out

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