A Few Things…

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I thought I’d take a few minutes to update a few things:

1) The Bet ends in 2 weeks. I’m not doing as great as before because of Cadbury Crack. It also doesn’t help that my nutritionist is on bedrest.

2) I found a way to QUIT the bad habit – each egg is 150 Calories!! Good Lord – I can eat half my days limit of calories in just 4 eggs! Yes, I have eaten 4 eggs in a day. Yes, I am ashamed. No more though. I QUIT!

3) I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 days a week for the past 3 weeks (with my trainer) and it seems to not be making much of a difference physically. Although my endurance has gone from being able to do the elliptical for a measly 7 minutes to now up to 27 minutes. That’s a vast improvement for me – yay me! And while I would not consider myself a “gym rat”, I may slowly develop into one over time. I can’t rule it out just yet.

4) AeroGarden is in full harvesting mode now! This is a picture of a typical weekly harvest (sometimes it is actually more than this!) and other views of how it looked after I harvested it. It’s amazing! I cannot cook with these herbs fast enough. And I actually DO cook with them! Again, yay me! (because we all know how much I love praise)

5) I actually broke down and ordered Tori Spellings new book the other day. I’ve gotten curious after reading about it in PEOPLE magazine and hearing her on all these radio and talk shows. Advertising totally works! I’ll let you know how it is when I finish it. I’d better learn some good secrets though!

6) We’re going to the Museum of Natural Science this weekend to see the new CSI: The Experience this weekend. I’m very excited about this as I am obsessed with the show! I don’t know if we can take pictures, but I’ll definitely do a review next week.

7) And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BIL, Joe who turned 25 yesterday! (Yes, I called him yesterday) Hope you are feeling okay today 😉 Haha – and we’re going shopping today after I get off work. Just the two of us – I’m a stylist now too apparently! Fun times!


  1. Ugh, I need to get back to the gym!

  2. I’m glad you got the museum thing worked out.

    I need to get my butt on an elliptical, too. We want to buy one but don’t want to spend $2000!

  3. Glad to have you back! 😉 You sure have been a busy girl! 😉 Good luck w/ the bet..you can do it! Have fun this weekend..looking forward to all the reviews coming up!

  4. I have an elliptical and a gym membership, but have I used either? Umm. That’s a no.

    I love the aerogarden! Looks like it is doing well.

  5. Hey Stephanie, I am new to your blog. I was on Suburban Turmoil the other day and posted my blog. You wrote saying you had read my blog , http://studio193.typepad.com/. So I thought I would check out yours.

    My blog pretty much revolves around family photo display ideas, children’s clothing for your photo shoots and and some of my favorite products. I really like yours and will come back and check it out again. By the way, I am pretty proficient in Photoshop so if you need any tips, shoot me an email, dedra@studio193.com. I am happy to help!

    Oh, and good luck with the work-out/eat-healthy thing. I have been trying. But I haven’t made much headway. Perhaps we should get a bunch of bloggers together and challenge each other! Goodness knows I need some motivation!

  6. Holy crap! An egg has 150 calories? How could I not know THAT!

  7. Great update. We have all been very busy. I am very proud of you for curbing your CRACK habit. You crack me up lady. 27 minutes on eliptical machine, that kicks azz. AWESOME Stephanie! Bed rest for your nutrionist, poor thing. We need to get her a hoverround chair. lol

  8. Very funny…and I would prefer a Rascal! And I’m pretty sure the crack contains 170 cal.

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