From the Windy City

We are in Chicago and…’s freaking FREEZING! No really, I’m talking freezing temps here. I think they must have missed the memo that’s almost April and that it’s now SPRING. I left my 80 degree weather only to have to bundle up again. Oh my… I don’t know how you Northerners deal with this cold all the time. I’m talking SNOW on the ground people. SNOW!

Other than the cold, we’ve had a lovely time so far. Karys was about 95% Angel on the plane and slept most of the time and watched DVD’s the rest of the time. Besides being a little fussy on the runway before takeoff, all went very well.

On the plane
SNOW!! This is Spring?!
Karys‘ new bed for the next few nights
Karys and I mostly lounge around the hotel watching Elmo, ordering room service, taking baths and having naps during the hours that Tim is working – so we can’t complain too much :) We drove out to Morris, IL the first night to have dinner with Aunt Patty & Uncle Dan and then stop by the hospital to see Steph & Jerry and Baby McKenzie. She’s just a doll! What a little angel – I’m in love with those lips of hers!

Ahh, room service…
“I want some!”
Having a snack before heading out

Last night we walked around downtown and stopped in a few of the stores. It was pretty cold out (cause it’s freezing here and all) and Karys was all bundled up – it was pretty funny. We stopped and had dinner at the ESPN Zone and then headed back, put Karys to bed and had a date night with lots (and lots) of wine.
Out & About in Chicago
All bundled up! Look at that face!

Having Fun at ESPN Zone
She brought Tim every toy she had before he went out
Keeping occupiedAbout to enjoy wine & a movie

Tonight we’re going to meet Tim’s step-brother Stephen for dinner and tomorrow will be spent exploring the city some more.

So far, good times!!

More to come…


  1. I hear Chi town is very cold (and WINDY). At least you packed winter gear. Room service!! Send some my way. I’ll be in bed for at least 2 days and will need to be catered to. Enjoy your trip and keep us posted on your ventures. We already miss you!!

  2. I’m glad y’all are having such a great time! Ohh…to have room service and wine….yum!

  3. I mean..relaxing, room service, wine, dates, shopping…I’m not really feeling all that bad that you are too cold! lol Looks like you guys are having a blast! Thanks for updating all of us! Just to try and turn the jealousy was 81 degrees here today! haha Have a great trip!

  4. well I see you have my jacket there to keep you warm :) haha
    Talk about a perfect little angel!!! that face makes me smile :) sounds like you are living up Chicago (and the hotel!! whew! thats an expensive salad! but sure does look tasty! – I miss that little girl SO much! and you and Tim of course :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    awww she’s sooo cute bundled up in her clothes! I’ll have a couple of stories for your book when you get back! :)

  6. Sounds like fun, even if you are FREEZING!

  7. Oh you and your husband are so cute. And I love your little girls shirt! sooooo cute!

  8. Don’t even get me started on the snow. IT SUCKS THE DONKEY.

    Now, that little girl is SOOOO cute. I’m glad she did well on the plane and you are having a FANTAB time (obviously – if you’re in robes). :)

  9. I’m glad you’re having fun and getting to pamper yourself some on your vacation!

  10. heehehee… you experienced our snow!

    That pic of you and Karys in the stroller is right outside of Ralph Lauren and American Girls Place. Right? I bet you can’t wait to take K back there. That place freaking rocks!

    I am so glad you loved Chicago. I puffy heart it!!!

    Guess where I am talking the two older kids in two weeks? THE BIG APPLE!!!! yahoo! I can’t wait.

    BTW… for some strange reason I thought you were Mormon. LOL. Until I saw that you and the hubby were off to drink some wine. And then, I read your 100 things and saw you loved Cosomos.

    Okay. Now… we can really be the best of friends. :) you and I are so similar!

  11. Okay.

    Just re-read your 100 things and realized YOU HATE HOT DOGS. That probably means you did not check out Portillos. LOL. Should have read your list before recommending a hot dog place to a person who hates hot dogs.


  12. Yeah, it’s cold in the midwest! Spring doesn’t really come around here until MAY!–Count yourself lucky that you can visit & leave again & your gorgeous daughter can wear an actual “Easter” dress w/o long johns. :-)

  13. Your blog is sooo cute, and your daughter is gorgeous. I loved your posts on Chicago and NYC, the last two places I lived :( I miss them, even though they are cold!

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