Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Karys!

My baby girl turned 1 year old Saturday!! We threw her a party at the house and had an amazing time. A very special THANK YOU to all those who helped make her day so special. She is one very blessed little girl to have so many people who love and care about her. I posted pictures on her Totsite and our Family Blog so I won’t post all of them again here. Feel free to check them out if you like :)


  1. sweet baby girl!!! she was the cutest birthday girl I have ever seen!!! man, those cupcakes turned out so pretty!!!! :)

  2. Those cakes and cupcakes are awesome! You ladies out-did yourselves.

  3. I agree..those cupcakes rocked!!! 😉

  4. Did you get her dress at Tie it With a Bow?

  5. Thanks for leaving the Photoshop info on my blog! I’m going to look into it! The b-day pictures are adorable :) I remember when my little girl turned one…now she’s almost two!! It goes by so fast! BTW, I LOVE her dress…super cute!

  6. I love your theme… and what a pretty 1 year old princess!
    Hope YOU celebrated your 1 year of mommy hood… you deserved a little something also!

  7. What a darling little sweetie! Happy Birthday to your sweet one year old!

    Hi Stephanie – I’m Kellan. Very nice to meet you and your sweet daughter. Hope you have a good evening with the Birthday girl! SEe you soon.

  8. what an adorable little dress!

  9. HER DRESS……. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. You will have to watch out and do the SAME type of party for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th child. Cause they will be mighty jealous as teenagers looking back at your photos.

    :) Yes?

  10. LOVE her dress!! And the cake looks delish! Looks like an awesome party!

  11. Happiest of belated birthday wishes! She is adorable and I love your theme – VERY cute.

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