Happy Easter!

What a busy weekend! Easter was really great this year as my little angel could do egg hunting – and do it all herself! She is such a little pro at finding eggs now! I think that was most definitely her favorite part of the holiday. I have too many pictures – so I’ll just pick a few favorites and if you go to my Family Blog, you can see a slideshow of all that I took (if you are that interested).

Gathering Eggs
Karys & Zoe…sweet girls!
Springtime Dress
Sweet Easter Baby

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. What sweet girls! Too cute.

  2. Cute Pics! Looks like y’all (Karys!) had a fabulous Easter!

  3. Okay it is offical.

    I am moving SOUTH. I have been viewing so many easter pictures from blogs in the south and I am mighty jealous.

    Karys is so flipping cute. How can you stand it?

  4. She was a little angel! and so precious doing her egg hunt!!! words cant describe her!

  5. What a fun holiday! Wow, nice picture of the cousins!! You must have a BIG family. I do NOT. One cousin on my Mom’s side of the family. I last saw her when she was 3, she is like 20 now or something. LOL I am a little jealous.

  6. oh gosh she is too cute! I love that picture of her on the grass looking odd with her basket! Cute!

  7. WOW what beautiful girls. Talk about adorable! What fun Easter shots! And all that sun? I’m SO jealous.

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