Hubby Clothes Woes

I pride myself in knowing clothes. Knowing what looks good. Knowing what matches (seriously every single day that I dress my daughter, her bib must match her outfit and is to be completed with the matching socks and shoes as well). Knowing what colors go together is just second nature. So is, naturally, knowing what colors do NOT go together.

For as much as I love my darling, sweet, engineer of a husband and the many gifts he possesses, he was just simply not blessed with this particular gift as I was. Therefore, when I bestow my advice to him, it is to be taken. Immediately. Or he’ll just look silly. Seeing as what a sweetheart I am, I’m ever more than willing to help him out in this area.

Scene: Yesterday Morning Before Work

Hubby comes out wearing a deep grey shirt with green/brown pants. Oh. No. As I recall, this exact mismatch had happened just a few short months ago. Apparently I didn’t kill it because it’s back again.

Me: (in a super sweet voice) Baby….are you going to wear that today?

Hubby: (looks down at his outfit) Yeah, what’s wrong with it?

Me: (you can’t tell?!) Umm…well it doesn’t match. You cannot wear that shirt with those pants. You can wear that shirt with your black slacks or your tan ones.

Hubby: I think it goes fine. Besides black and grey together is so….Euro.

Me: Well, I think I like Euro then. It’s sexy. You should wear the grey with the black today.

Hubby: I think I look good.

He walks into the closet. Good. He’s going to change. Crisis averted. Otherwise I’d have to be embarrassed for him all day. And quite frankly, I don’t have the time.

I finish getting my stuff together and we’re about to walk out the door. Here he comes. Okay. Apparently he still thinks he matches because he didn’t change his pants.

Fast-forward to after work.

I get into the car when he picks me up and I immediately notice the horrible ensemble again.

Me: Hey Baby…did anyone make fun of you today?
Hubby: For what?

Me: Your grey shirt and your green pants. The obvious mishap of it all.

Hubby: No. Ha! I told you I matched.

Me: Well I would have made fun of you. It’s probably because you are the boss. They were laughing silently. But I still love you.


  1. I still think I matched. And I really don’t think those pants are green. If I wanted to be a socialist and dress like a Euro, I would move to France!

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Listen to my sister Tim!!! I know exactly what outfit you were wearing (bc I have the few work clothes you wear memorized)and she is SO right – and believe me – they were making fun of you behind your back!! hahahhahahahaahahaha Oh Tim – thank goodness Stephanie dresses Karys… :) love you!!!

  3. Mother-in-Law says:

    How funny, I wish I could have seen this, so Tim you will have to wear this one day for me to see…Men just can’t seem to match up colors…ha ha ha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should say you are color blind. Then you have a legitimate reason not to match….yea i’d go with that one!

  5. Oh, how funny. I am the same way with Jeremy. Although, I am so picky about matching that I typically don’t allow khaki and gray together. My friends make fun of me for caring about matching so much. :)
    Next time we need pics! Haha!

  6. I agree…pics next time! I cant do the khaki and gray together though. Something about it just doesnt go when I try it! Glad you are there to help him! (I’m sure they were laughing tim, but with respect!) lol

  7. The grey was so dark, almost black, so it would have worked with the dark tan pants(not khacki colored). I’m definitely not talking grey and khacki! :) No worries!

  8. oh that’s hilarious. my brother is actually color blind, so he REALLY has this problem…

  9. I think this is an engineer thing. Mine once appeared in a kelly green shirt and olive pants. I asked if he intended to go to work dressed as the Jolly Green Giant.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not necessarily an engineer thing. I’m an engineer and I can assure you that i can match my clothes….but i’m also a girl! :)

  11. Very funny. My hubby is the same way.

  12. hahaha! This is my first time here. I love your blog! It looks fabulous!

  13. LOL I have gave up trying to dress DH, he does not listen

  14. Maybe I’m missing the point here, but I’m still focused on the fact that he dared to disobey you!

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