Oh, Chicago!!

We head out for Chicago tomorrow morning and will be there through Wednesday! We are even more excited because it looks like we’ll have a new little cousin to meet, McKenzie Marie Federer, as Steph went into labor just last night!! We’re very happy to be able to meet her while we are there (and also hoping we don’t get struck with “Baby Fever” again just yet)!

And yes, OHMommy, I promise to eat a Portillos hotdog while there (providing I can find one of course).

Please pray that we have a safe & happy trip and that Karys is on her best behavior on the plane, for our sake and for the sake of the other patrons on our flight 😉

I’m sure I’ll be popping in and out of the bloggy world while there, but try not to miss me too much, okay?


  1. I hope you guys have a GREAT time!

    Remember an extra shirt for yourself and an extra outfit for Karys. You never know what will happen!

    Oh, and have stuff for one day just in case your luggage gets lost (mine has been lost twice going to H-town)!

  2. Gees Krystyn..way to scare her! 😉 lol Hope you have a great trip! I’m sure Karys will do great! Cant wait to see pics..and of course we will miss you!!! Have fun!!

  3. I’m sure Sweet Baby Karys will be on her best behavior – she is an angel :)

    Chicago will be so much fun for you guys! aww, your first family plane ride!!! Congrats to Steph! I’m sure she will be happy to see you guys too! and I’m crossing my fingers that you two WILL get baby fever again!! :)

    I’ll miss you guys!!! make sure to give kisses to Karys and tell her they are from Aunt RoRo! :)

  4. Have an awesome trip!! That’s great that you will get to visit Steph, Jerry and Baby Mckenzie.

  5. Have a great time! I love Chicago. Don’t forget to pack warmly..it’s always a bit brisk. And, make sure to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo off of Lakeshore.

  6. Ooh have fun! I have never been to Chicago but definitely want to get there someday!

  7. Have a great trip!! I’m sure Karys will do great!! Looking forward to all the pics when you get back :)

  8. Portillos are everywhere. There is one directly across from the Rock and Roll McDonalds downtown.

    Eat one. Or two for me.

    Our diets begin after your return. :) Have a GREAT time.

  9. Have fun!!! I’ve only been to Chicago once, but we had a blast!

  10. Hello, found you through the bloggers choice site.

    Enjoy Chigaco! It’s one of my favorite cities. We drove through a blizzard once to see a rock band there and it was one of the best trips of our lives.

  11. Have a FANtastic time! How exciting is that! We love close to Chicago so I’m hoping you stop at the Miracle Mile!

    Safe trip and happy shopping!

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