Photo Meme

I was tagged by Rachel back in early February for this Photo Meme and never got around to it. I’m trying to catch up on all of them so here here I go…

Here’s a fun meme! Answer the questions below. Take your answer to Google Images and then post the pictures that answer your questions. Make sure there’s a picture for every answer. And to make this more fun, don’t use any of your own pictures. Find them all from Google. Then tag some of your friends to join in the fun!

1. A place you’d like to travel: Italy
2. Favorite Food: Lasagna

3. Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake
4. Your Name:
5. Favorite Animal: Tiger
6. Your Pets: Brinks
7: Favorite Singer/Band: Aerosmith
8. Your City: Houston (you can actually see the building I work in here)
9: Current Job: Mommy (the most important one) 10. Favorite Author: J.K. Rowling
11. Favorite Color: Pink
12. Bad Habit: Shopping
13: Favorite Object: Lip Gloss
14. Favorite Celebrity: Hayden Panettiere 15: Favorite Song: Amazed

**I Tag anyone who would like to do this – let me know if you do it so I can visit!**


  1. Of course your name would have crowns all over it!! haha :)

  2. Well my name DOES mean “Crowned One” so of course it does! Haha!

  3. Pink. Lip Gloss. Shopping. Italy.

    You are OFFICIALY my girlfriend! Mwah!!!

  4. Thats right..we are the crowned ones!!! 😉 Glad you finally got to do it!

  5. Aerosmith….really? For some reason, that’s funny to me.

    Who sings the version of Amazed that you like? I like Lonestar’s version. That is what we danced to at our wedding.

  6. Oh I love this! And we can go shopping for lip gloss together in H-town! I think this is a great meme, I might just have to do it…

  7. Never heard of a meme! I need to get familiar with all these quaint blog terms. Very cute. You are such a girly girl!

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