Specialize in Spelling?

Saturday morning Tim wanted to stop for breakfast at the local Jack-in-the-Box before heading to the museum. I was getting irritated with the car in front of us because they were literally taking forever to get their food. Then I noticed the sign on their van. Classic. If you go through the trouble of “specializing” and ordering signs for your craft, it might be nice to make sure it is spelled correctly. Don’t you think?! Lucky for me I had my camera to properly document it.

At least he’s getting some free advertising on my blog right? 😉


  1. I think you should call Juan up and tell him just how “speical” he is!!!

  2. Too funny!

  3. haha! that’s awesome.

  4. I wonder if he got it half price?

  5. Oh now..thats funny! Way to call him out! I agree w/ Krystyn!!

  6. hahaha – so happy you had your camera!! hahahahhahha – too funny!

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is also quite amusing how some of the words are capitalized and other’s aren’t- all totally random!

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