Tag: 7 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Amanda & Krystyn:

Here are 7 weird things about me….

1. I really like even numbers
2. I married my high school sweetheart
3. I have lived in Texas my whole life
4. I am 50% Italian (but claim full)
5. I still can’t stand Chinese food (from when I was pregnant)
6. I can read Harry Potter over and over and never tire of it
7. I write for 4 blogs/websites (& love it!)

Here Are The Rules:
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I am tagging:
1. Stacey
2. Laura
3. Amanda
4. everyone else I know
5. has been tagged so
6. feel free to participate
7. if you want to :)


  1. 4 blogs?? how do you keep up?

  2. Thanks for playing!

  3. meh- You’re not THAT weird! Hehe :) I’ll try to get to mine soon… :)

  4. You are so not weird! LOL. nice list!

  5. FUN list! I did it too :)

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