Thursday 13

13 Reasons March is AWESOME!

1. Karys’ 1st Birthday & Party (3/1)
2. Taking Karys to the Zoo for the 1st time (3/8)
3. Chicago Trip!!
4. Danielle’s Baby Shower
5. Daylight Savings Ends – longer days!
6. Good Friday – HOLIDAY!!
7. Easter with our families
8. Birthdays (Joe, Karys, Stacey)
9. St. Patty’s Day – fun green stuff!
10. Bonus Time!
11. Spring Should Be Around the corner (we hope!!)
12. The debt being G-O-N-E!! Hell yeah!
13. Making some special plans about our future


  1. yay for March fun! (my birthday is in March too.) hehe.

  2. Now I know why we call it MARCH MADNESS!! I never realized this was such an awesome month. Yay for Bonus and NO DEBT (4 U).

  3. Congrats on the No debt! It’s the best feeling ever! And I’m loving March so far too- bonus esp! :)

  4. No debt…that’s pretty exciting. When you add that bonus in there, it’s even better!

  5. You are giong to Chicago? Seething with jealousy!!!

  6. no debt! YAY!!! cant wait til I am there too!! and making SPECIAL plans for the future… what does that mean??? hmmmmmmmm?????? (crossing fingers)

  7. Thanks for the Birthday shout out!!

  8. If I don’t stop shopping for the little one, I’m going to be in debt! And don’t you win your bet this month?? A new coach purse and bragging rights are pretty awsome too!

  9. Yay for the fun stuff this month. That’s wonderful. I actually did a 13 today.

  10. I love March!!

  11. Yah for March, im more looking forward to June and possible sunshine

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