Thursday 13

13 Things Coming Up in the Next 6 Weeks

1. Have a Holiday ~ Good Friday
2. Karys’ 1st Easter Egg Hunt
3. Chicago Trip!
4. Spend a Long Weekend at the Beach House
6. Danielle’s Baby Shower
7. Dr. Appt
8. Wish My Parents Happy Anniversary
9. Keep Karys Alone 5 Days :(
10. Wish Happy Birthday To Some Family Members
11. Visit Kendall & Matt in Tomball
12. Coach Bet Ends (probably not good for me!)
13. Melissa’s Bridal Shower

Oh, and I chopped the hair the hair last night too- finally!


  1. CUTE!!!!!! your hair looks so good!!! Did Eddie do it?? oh, and make sure that Kendall is supervised with Karys… haha :)

  2. LOVE the hair :) Cute. And yay for beach houses and long weekends and Good Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    happy Easter!

  3. Anonymous says:

    YAY for BUZZFEST!!!! It’s going to be a blast!

  4. Cute…I like your hair! I really need to do something with mine!

  5. Oh the hair looks so good! Looks like you have a lot coming up! Cant wait to see pics of Karys’ Easter!

  6. Love your hair cut!!

  7. Awwwww…. you are almost as cute as Karys now. :)

    I love it!

    When in Chicago, promise me you will have a Portillos hotdog for me. Please? Promise me?

  8. ADORABLE hair. I love my new cut. I guess I need to post a picture. You always have so much going on. Same as me.

  9. Your hair looks awesome!
    We are off to the beach house this weekend too! Planning on doing a whole lot of NOTHING!

  10. Very cute! Busy, busy….

    Haha Rachel!! Watch Kendall!

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