WW – Easter Preview

**And yes, of course there will be accessories!**


  1. Oh, that’s darling!! I hope the weather cooperates – unlike last year! Karys, you are going to be a show stopper!

    Mine has a longall with his name. And, the bunny holding an egg behind his back. V. Cute.

  2. SO adorable!!! And man, those pearls looks so great on her! :) she is the prettiest little girl! I love her in frilly outfits! And you always have the best accessories for her!!

  3. Look at her smile. She knows great style already!!!

  4. I cant wait to see more pics! She is too stinking cute! I agree Rach..those pearls are amazing 😉

  5. Omg!!!…look at her face! She is such a little doll. She looks so proud of herself. She is my little
    angel, she looks beautiful in anything she wears.

  6. no way. sooo stinking cute.

  7. ADORABLE!!!! She is soo cute :)


  9. She is ready for that Easter Bunny! Hoppity Hop Hop! Such a little doll.

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