And The Winner Is…

I really appreciate all the helpful advice from everyone about which DSLR to purchase. I gave my final two options to my husband and we sat down and compared them to one another and looked at what we wanted and needed in a camera. I would never have known about either of these cameras (Canon Rebel XTi & Nikon D40) if it hadn’t been for all you guys! And I really would have loved to have both of them, but Tim quickly said that was not one of my options. Ha!

And while I don’t feel we could have gone wrong with either camera, we decided on the…. Canon Rebel XTi. And so this was what I had said I would love to have for a Mother’s Day gift next month.

Well, when Tim picked me up from work yesterday there was a briefcase sitting on the floor in front of my seat. I kind of just looked at it and he asked if I could get something out of it for him. (Can you guess where this is going?) It was my new camera! And an IS Zoom Lens! And a huge memory card!

I really think I’m married to THE most wonderful guy in the entire world…

So now I have to figure out how to use this thing. It’s much more complicated than I thought (because I know virtually nothing of photography). I played around with it a bit last night and was reading and re-reading the manual for different settings. I feel kind of lost. There are some online tutorials that I can look at too. Hopefully I can figure it out soon – there are just so many settings I’ve never heard of!

If anyone has any special tips, I’d love to hear them…


  1. WTG Tim! Good job!

    Now, you know he’s still going to have to do something for Mother’s Day!!!

  2. OMG. YOU are so SPOILED! That is awesome…I love surprises!

  3. OMG! great job Tim!!! you ARE spoiled!!! haha – thats ok, you deserve it! I cant wait to see it!! and all the new photos you are going to post!!! I dont know anything about photography either… so I cant help ya there – WOW! I cant believe he did that!! or actually I guess I kind of can :) What a great husband! you are one lucky girl!!! :) love ya!

  4. Wow…way to go Tim!!! I’m so jealous you got a new camera! 😉 j/j How exciting! I cant wait to see all the new pics ans stuff you will be doing with it! Good luck reading all the tips and tricks! lol

  5. congrats! that so exciting!!!

  6. WOW!!!…that is awsome! What a great husband you have…you are so spoiled Steph!…I love new cameras, you will have fun learning all about it…I’m sure we will see alot more pics of my grandbaby…I love you!

  7. oooh! I love surprises! how fun:) Can’t wait to see all your new pictures :)

  8. Can your engineer hubby talk to my engineer hubby about present buying? I think mine could learn a bit from yours. I have the EOS, but, they are practically the same. And, I love it.

  9. WOOT WOOT! Excellent choice (in both the camera AND the hubby)!

  10. Wonderful! I just came by to visit your blog because your title is so similar to a post I wrote earlier this week. I am definitely going to read more around here later. Your blog is lovely and fun.

  11. Let me know when you will be taking appointments for FAMILY portraits. Since I have read your post about the portrait studio nightmares. I need to do something with the kids and soon. We need to get together soon. Miss having you down the hall.

  12. What a great guy! Congrats on your new camera you are going to have so much fun! If he bought it at Wolf, they offer classes. I’m actually going to take a few here soon myself.

  13. HI! What a beautiful family and little girlie! I am Erin’s (from Life Together) sis-in-law, and I found ya through there! I have a 15 month old little angel!! I will come back more to visit!!

  14. One more thing…I love the name Karys!! So precious!

  15. Looks like you made a great choice, im hoping to get a DSLR some point this year depending on money (I really want a Nikon , no reason really).

    I cannot wait to see the pictures you turn out

  16. Have fun!

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