Center of Attention

When did this happen?! My beautiful baby girl is supposed to be at the age where she is shy and clings to her parents – so says every psychology & children’s manual. But instead, she has become a little performer – and will twirl around, shake her head and do funny things to make everyone laugh and then she laughs with them and claps for herself. She basically puts on a show for people! It’s really quite hysterical to watch her in action. Before this weekend there had been a few indications that she was a little ham but now she’s just let it all out!
This child never ceases to make me laugh. I cannot get enough of her…


  1. She must get it from her mommy, right? Too funny! Izzy goes back and forth between “ham” and shy!

  2. Cute picture. Lauren has always been on the shy side. Glad to hear she is so entertaining. You have to love it.

  3. Enjoy it girl! Let her personality shine! :) She is too cute!

  4. She is adorable!!! She was so funny at Nana’s and at your house later! haha – I love her to death! I think she gets her need for attention from her Mommy though :) haha :)

  5. Too cute!! Karys seems to be very outgoing. I love the pics of her on both your blogs. She is adorable.

  6. I threw those book out after the 1 year point. My son was the same way. He loved to perform for audiences. Now, and only now, he’s a bit more introverted. Way to seek the media spolight, Karys.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with being cute and KNOWING it!! Love it!

  8. She is adorable! I can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  9. She is sooo cute, I can understand why she wants to be seen! What a sweetie :)

  10. She is SO beautiful! Our son is the same way – always entertaining and loving – I’m afraid he’d go with ANYONE!

    That picture is so Cuuuute!

  11. Awwww…. she is delicious!

  12. She is too cute. I just came across your blog while strolling around. I love it, I hope to come back often and see your little princess get even cuter! :) See you around!

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