Destructive Couple

Well folks, it appears that Tim and I are now tied 1 to 1 in our quest to see who is the most destructive in our household…

As promised, this is a picture of the damage I did Friday when I ran my car into my house. I love the contrast of the white on the black, don’t you? Sigh….

Now, Tim took a different approach and instead of doing damage to the car, he decided to do damage to the actual house. But before he told me what, he was quick to remind me that he did not get mad at me for the car and now it was my turn to return the favor.

I am still not really sure what his line of thinking was as he decided he would try to carry our full size black leather couch up the stairs himself. Somehow not noticing the big black marks he was leaving all the way up the stairway. That is, until he then put a hole in my wall half way up.

These pictures only show about half of the total damage, but what do you think of our new wall art?

I put a good deal of time and muscle into scrubbing the walls last night. For the most part, the marks did come out but I will need to go over quite a few spots still with touch-up paint. As for the hole, there’s nothing I can do at the moment, but he promises it will be fixed soon.
And no, the couches didn’t even end up upstairs because it will take more than just one person to do it.
Something I could have told him myself had he thought to ask my personal opinion. Sigh…


  1. Oh, Tim!!!! I’m sure it was with the best of intentions!

    You can always blame Karys.

  2. OMG!!!….I would have been crying but not b/c I thought it was funny…lol. I know he meant well… I am wondering about the both of you now.:)

  3. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! Love your blog layout! I will be back to visit your blog!

  4. OMG! hahaha I like that he reminded you he didnt get mad before he told you what he did! haha – did it mess up the couch at all?? what is it with guys thinking they can do everything themselves… well, lets hope the score stays at 1 – 1, at least for a while :)

  5. I almost made it too! I had it to the last landing and then couldn’t make the turn by myself!

    I agree with Rachel, let’s not try to out do each other anytime soon.

  6. Oh wow…it looks like Karys got ahold of a black marker! 😉 Atleast you got most of it out! Man, I think you bth need to just chill this big projects! lol

  7. LOL well at least you can so blame the toddler for the black marks

  8. uh who does he think he is Hercules? At least you guys are even now :)

  9. Very funny! I found you from The Daily Grind. This post made me laugh cuz it sounds like something me and my Big D would do. LOL

  10. Ha! Now you are TOTALLY EVEN! And yeah that dent has GREAT contrast and composition – way to take one for the shot! :)

  11. Hey I give Tim credit for doing something around the house. It is unfortunate that he was a goof about it but I am sure he meant well. Just think of scrubbing the walls down as exercise.

    Tit for Tat

    I am also glad to hear that he didn’t get upset with you for the damage to your pretty car. Things happen, when they do it isn’t funny but when you look back at it you sometimes LOL.

  12. Yep I have soooo been in this boat. Like the time I got rear ended really it was just a little bump. And then that same evening my hubby scraped my car up against the light pole because he said it was “Foggy”. I night in the middle of summer with no rain. I mean hello come on. Needless to say he thought he did the little bump on the back too until I told him what I had happen. We laughed and now it’s one of those to be continued type jokes. Loved reading through your blog. It was my first time visitng I’m sure I’ll be back.

  13. Oh man. Ouch! I feel your pain.

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