In The Market…

So I’m in the market for a new camera. A new Digital SLR to be exact. I owned a nice Sony one years ago and got rid of it because I didn’t understand all the features and didn’t realize what all I could do with it.

I’ve asked a few friends and looked around on my own a bit to see what is out there – and I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback. Typically what I’ve found is that people cannot live either without their Nikon or without their Canon – both fantastic brands. I’m a bit partial to Canon since I’ve owned several of their cameras and find them to be wonderful.

But any opinions on what to get or stay away from would be much appreciated! I’m a total amateur so I need to keep that in mind too when it comes to purchasing one.


  1. from what I understand, those are the 2 best brands of cameras – I wouldnt buy anything other than a Canon or Nikon… I have that burned into my brain from A TON of my comm classes – I think you will be safe with either one, but you might understand the Canon one better since you already own one?? just a thought.

  2. I’ve heard only good things about the Nikon D40! I would love one, too, but I’m just not up to spending the money, yet!

    They have super fast shutters and seem to take really awesome pictures!

  3. We actually have a really nice Sony. I was skeptical about getting a sony since we have only purchased canon’s and nikon’s in the past….however, I am more than pleasantly surprised!

  4. I have had one Nikon and one Sony. I love them both, but I think on our next one I’ll go with a Nikon for sure!

  5. My vote is for Nikon. Good luck! I’m in the market too, and these are both on my list!

  6. When I researched them it ended up that the deciding factor was really the brand you are most comfortable with. They are both awesome cameras but I had always owned Canons so that’s what I got. Beware, these cameras are so much fun!!

  7. I have the Canon & love it. I just got it at Christmas, and my pictures suddenly look pristine and classy. It’s all the camera’s fault.

  8. I have a canon and LOVE it BUT…
    for an SLR I would go for the Nikon for sure!

  9. I just got permasmirk.

    I could go on and on about this!

    I. VOTE. CANON. I’m a Canon snob. Certified.

  10. As a professional photographer… I have always worked with a Cannon. I made the switch to a Nikon this year and am so angry no one told me about it sooner.

    My vote: Nikon D40. You will freaking love it!

  11. i have a canon powershot S3IS and i looooooove it.

  12. Such a cute blog…I came over via Erin. I have a Nikon D40 and love it! I had a Nikon SLR prior and finally made the swtich to digital recently. I’ve been super impressed.

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