Personal Training

In addition to my going to the gym and dieting I have also started working one-on-one with a personal trainer. (Can you tell I am determined here?)

I have a total of 5 sessions with her. So far I have been to 2 of them now. What is great about Julia (the PT) is that she really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and created a workout just for me. She pushes me, but in a good way and I always feel great when I leave. In just 2 sessions she has shown me numerous exercises to target the areas I am interested in, shown me how to use the machines (which were a bit intimidating to me at first) and when I arrived yesterday, she had printed out a workout for me to do on my off days! Incredible. She is also going to create a water workout for me that I can use while in the pool this summer as well.

I already told my husband that I want to keep using her after my 5 sessions are finished. So we’ll see how that turns out – but I really think it’s worth it. I’m the type of person that needs constant motivation.

And of course, nothing I do is without incident, right? The first day I worked with her she was having me do some work on the machines. Now, I am by no means a “gym rat” and have no idea how these contraptions work. She asks me to sit on one of them. So I do. I see her hesitate for a moment and then she says “Ummmm….can you face the other way?” Yes, totally clueless when in the gym.


  1. Good for you!!! Good luck with it all! I need constant motivation too!! I just started walking this week again, so hopefully that will help lose more! (and help me in Disney!!)

  2. That is So funny that you do the same thing with you deo! My hubby thinks that I’m such a weirdo!

    I love your blog! You can be sure that I’ll stop by often!

  3. Good for you – I still need to tone up a bit from having Jamie last year.
    I am so pleased you have found a good gym and personal trainer. I joined a local gym but I felt so inferior that I would talk myself out of going each time.
    Am going to start walking when the weather is better and hopefully build up from there.
    I know what you mean about the machines – I didn’t have a clue either and then I struggled to get them to my own specifications – good on ya …

  4. Hilarious….

    I’ll stick to the working out, you stick to the shopping.

  5. You go girlie! I loved having one…when finances permitted it! And, the machines still scare me.

  6. hahaha

    well if you want to keep her, I have a feeling Tim wont object :) You always find a way to get your way :) haha – good job on keeping motivated though!!! you will have to share your tips with me!!

  7. way to go, I relaly want to get a personal trainer but i need someone like Jillian from the biggest loser. :)

  8. Great to hear. I miss the old trainer over there, she ROCKED but she also kicked your behind and being the girly girl you are you would probably throw something at here thinking she was trying to kill you. LOL I am glad you like working with Julia. I think my big water bottle is still in her office. Ha ha.

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