Portraits, Please!

I have called and spoken directly with the District Manager, who I basically let have it (in the nicest way possible of course) about how unprofessional his studio was. He seemed genuinely concerned and apologized and asked lots of questions and took down all sorts of information. Basically they offered to redo the session: free of charge, open early on any given Saturday I chose to give us plenty of time and not be rushed, $50 free in portraits and a large discount on any additional portrait sheets I buy after that. I told him that would work for me (obviously for money reasons). After this, I will look into all the places that you all have recommended.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions!

This weekend we finally took Karys to get her 1 year portraits done. Last time she had pictures done was 6 months ago and we’d used JCPenney’s Portraits Studio. It seemed like a great idea and was really close to our house. However, I was displeased by a lot of things at the time (quality, photographer, options, etc) but thought maybe I was just being too picky with my first-born child. So we went back for more portraits.

Big. Mistake.

There were so many things that went wrong – from being rushed, the photographer being unprofessional, having to ask for extra poses/backgrounds, continually taking pictures of Karys with her eyes closed and not trying to retake the pose with her eyes open, having me try to figure out their computer program while they were talking on a personal cell phone call, coughing all over me when the order time came around, not helping me with the coupon I had brought and almost charging me $40 over the amount it should have been, etc. At the end of the session, they had only taken about 15 poses and there were only 1 pose I really liked! And I have to wait over 2 weeks before receiving the pictures so I have none to share with you at the moment. Even Tim (who rarely gets upset) was annoyed at the lack of professionalism at this studio.

So my question to all the other mommies out there is: Where do you get your child’s portraits taken?
Because we will certainly not be returning to JCPenney Portraits ever again.


  1. Man, that sucks! I would be so annoyed… I think I would call… but thats just me… I dont know where to tell ya to go – sorry!!

  2. I would be annoyed, too!

    We used portrait innovations and were quite pleased. The only thing that was annoying was they kept saying how “tough of a customer” Isabelle was to make her smile…hello, she doesn’t know you!! Other than that, it’s great. You sit and pick out the pictures immediately and they print them there. I already have them and have mailed some off. Plus, you can get a disk of ALL of the pictures.

  3. that is awful!!! I hope you can find a better place next time.

  4. The Picture People do a great job! (a little pricey!) Olan Mills too (there just arent any near Katy) I have to admit though, because Landon has always been to a Montessori school, they do pics there twice a year…so I havent taken him in years! I take so many pics myself too! Sorry you had such a bad time..you arent the only one Ive known to have complaints about them. :( Cant wait to see them though..I’m sure she looks adorable!!

  5. Hey girl! I hate that Karys’s Portraits were a nightmare. You would have thought it would have been easy for them seeing how photogenic she is. :) I love portrait innovations. They worked with us and were great with Presley. Presley even got a little nervous and they were wonderful with getting her all smiles again. Plus they take tons of pictures and if you select a certain amount of poses you get a free CD so you can have all the photos for your keepings. You can visit http://www.portraitinnovations.com to see if there is one near you. GOOD LUCK.

  6. You should report that studio to the corporate office and let them know how unprofessional they were and the other things the guy did while you were there, who knows you might get a discount in process.

  7. We’ve always used picture people. I love them, although they are very expensive. Thanks for reminding me I need to call them to do our 3 year!

  8. We have used Picture People, Portrait Innovations, and Studio one to one. My favortie by far is Studio one to one, but VERY expensive! We have been pleased with all 3 places and would go back to any of them. Hope you find someone :)

  9. Fabulous update. Good job on calling and speaking with someone! I bet they’re still cute anyway!!

  10. oh that’s great!! it always pays to call and complain. :)

  11. Awesome!!! I glad you were able to work something out with them. The 1 year portraits are special. Good luck with the next go around!!!

  12. I do them myself in a studio or have a fellow photographer shoot ours. Alot of those chain places just photoshop the CRAP out of the pictures. :(

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