“That Girl”

Yes, I am that girl.

That girl that runs her vehicle into her brick house. And majorly scratches up her pretty car.

That. Girl.

I have a detached garage and a long driveway. I park in the garage. Which means I have to pull into the garage to park in a certain way as to back out without incident. I know this. I have known this for the almost 3 full years we have lived in this house. Three years without incident. Until this morning.

When I was sick on Thursday, I pulled into the garage too far to the left. As I was trying to back out, I was so worried about getting on the grass and breaking the husband’s sprinkler heads, that I didn’t notice the front of my car was about to hit the house.

And it did.

There is now a big white scratch on my shiny black car. So I’m that girl.

You know that “K” in Klassy? Yeah, I put it there this morning.

I’m not posting pictures until after my husband sees it in person.
I don’t think I want him to see it on my blog first.


  1. You and Angela running into brick walls… hahaha – sorry!!! that really does suck though :(

  2. Oh, no! That’s awful!

    I’m waiting until I do that, too! I’ve run over the grass so many times! I’m sure I’ll hit the garage soon.

    Hopefully, it isn’t as bad as you think and it can be buffed out.

  3. I love the label for this, Ouch and Uh-oh. Mine is just trouble. Poor you, I know that wasn’t a good start to your morning. Sounds minor so you should be okay! Be careful little lady and remember those darn sprinkler heads are easily repaired!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. OMG!!!…that is horrible, I would have freaked out and than started to cry. I could see Rachel doing something like this but not you, sorry to hear about that.

  5. good call on not posting any pics until after the hubby checks the damages…. hopefully its not as bad as it looks..

  6. Whoops! I hope the hubby forgives you. Promise we’ve all done similar things. I managed to once back out and sideswipe the hubby’s car, resulting in two auto claims at once. Cause I’m just as Klassy!

  7. Oh that sucks Steph! I hope it can be fixed w/o too much work! Hope Tim forgives you 😉

  8. OH MY GOSH!

    seen 28 days?

  9. I have been THAT girl too! And I gotta tell you, I am SO glad to know I am not alone!!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I love to meet new bloggers. Have a good day!

  10. *raises hand*

    I’m that girl too – and I can’t WAIT to see photos (is that wrong)? :) I’m sure he’ll go easy, right? :)

  11. Oh no, im so glad i don’t drive or i would so be “that girl” to.

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