WW – Best Buds


  1. Soooo adorable! I love Karys and Brinks.

  2. That is too sweet! What a great dog!

  3. they are so cute! man, Brinks has a GREAT temper…. I dont think Vito would EVER be like that! haha

    you have the most adorable daughter! she is so perfect!

  4. that is so great! I bet she thinks he’s a giant teddy bear.

  5. That’s pretty cute! Izzy wouldn’t even get close enough to any dog to do that.

  6. I LOVE that pic!!! So super sweet Karys and Brinks are! Did you photoshop it or anything? The colors and the light look very unique. Love it!

  7. See pictures like these are why I know I need to get a dog :)So ia m totally new to your blog and dig it so I will be back!

  8. Aww that’s adorable. You’re lucky. My fur child hates her brother.

  9. Look at her smile! How sweet.

  10. I MISS MY PUP!
    I love this picture!
    How special an classic!
    It needs to be printed and framed

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