13 Things Happening in May/June

1. Family Outing in Kemah
2. Mother’s Day
3. Last 2 Personal Trainer Sessions
4. Karys Swim Lessons Begin
5. Memorial Day Holiday!
6. Bridesmaid Dress Alterations
7. Braylen’s 2nd Birthday Party
8. Karys’ 15 Month Check-Up
9. Heath & Melissa’s Couple Shower
10. Astro’s Game
11. Father’s Day
12. Our 4th Wedding Anniversary


  1. What about me starting a new job so we can have Friday lunches together?? haha :) I’m looking forward to that though!

    aww, Karys in her little swimsuit… too cute! WOO!! GO ASTROS!!!

    and I cant believe its been FOUR years already!! I think its about time for baby #2 now!! haha :) (being the aunt is the easy part! haha)

  2. Rachel is too funny! Looks like alot of fun stuff coming up! Hopefully the bet ends before alterations come! lol Good luck! (I cant wait to hear how swim lessons go!)

  3. Rachel cracks me up. She is just like Emily!

    Congrats on almost 4 years! How exciting!

  4. I think you’ll like 4. In my experience, the odd years have been harder than evens. And, I’ve seen this with friends. How’s the Bet Pt. 2 going?

  5. Happy almost anniversary. Do you have anything special planned?

  6. Sounds like a fun two months :) Our anniversary is in June, too! When you have time, you’ll have to check out Macy’s haircut pictures :)
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  7. Sounds like some fun times ahead!

  8. It looks like you are gonna have a couple of busy fun months!!

  9. May is WAY busy! Happy 4th – woot woot – that is HUUUUUGE.

  10. An exciting few months planned, cannot believe Karys is not yet 15 months she always seems older

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