2008: Year of The Baby?

So I just realized that I have 5 friends who are currently expecting little bundles of joy. FIVE! Does that just seem like a lot, or is it just me?

Which leads me to wonder…. Is there something is in the water? Or maybe I possibly missed a memo or something?

Apparently people have had a very strong case of Spring Fever this year – because those 5 little ones are due to arrive in September, October, November (2) and December!

Or maybe 2008 is just the year to get pregnant? Because I know no less than 5 other ladies that plan to try later this year too. A grand total of 10 new babies all together.

That’s a lot of diapers!

So thank you guys, for giving me all these pregnancies to follow – especially those of you with websites I can stalk 😉

Congrats to all the expecting momma’s out there!

UPDATE: Make that SIX other ladies planning to try this year!


  1. Congrats to them all!!

    So when are you going to have your second one??? we are all waiting!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the congrats!

    And, Rachel..you and Emily need to get together and have an Aunt-fest!!!

  3. Awww. Thank You!

    So I will be the last of that group of friends you have currently expecting. :) It will be a VERY interesting Christmas for us!

  4. Congrats to all who are expecting!

    Are you planning on joining the year of the baby too? 😉

  5. Your right! My best friend just had a baby girl today!!!!!

  6. Wow, lots of babies. But NOT me, NO WAY!!

  7. Congrats to all the moms to be! :)

  8. You can add me to that list too. I plan on trying some time in fall. :)

  9. Your right, I know 2 who had babys and 4 are planning:)

  10. When I saw 6, I thought maybe you were announcing something?

    YES something is DEFINITELY in the water!

  11. Congrats to all those expecting MOMS. MY baby days are over however but I enjoy following every one elses!

  12. Wow! That IS a lot of babies! My husband I were talking about trying for another one too! But we really have to think it over because that would be 5 for us!!! Yikes!! But we really want a boy!!

  13. I love having my babies first and then my friends follow. It makes me SO glad to be past that infant stage…but then I usually get pregnant again less than a year after their babies are born and the roles reverse…it’s an endless cycle.

    Congratualtions to the mamas though! New babies are exciting.

    And thanks for finding me! Now I can follow your blog too! I love new blog friends…especially when they’re pretty. 😉

  14. HOPE YOU have a GREAT Memorial DAY WEEKEND!!!!

  15. Yes. For me? 3 babies in December, 1 in March, 1 three weeks ago, 2 due today (as in any second now), 1 in August, 2 in October (Catwoman & Krystyn)….and several opting for 09 babies. Water is tainted.

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