My 6 Words

I was tagged by April @ Thoughts in my tumultous brain…

Here are the rules:
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My 6 Words
1. Loyal
2. Determined
3. Confident
4. Stubborn
5. Clever
6. Straight-Forward

Laura @ Lovely Lalo
Amanda @ It’s A Wonderful Worley Life
Jennifer @ Brew Crew


  1. All good qualities..clever and stubborn help you with Tim, right?

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on your 6 words.

  3. Wow, are we sisters 😉

  4. Nice words!

  5. Crap, I forgot ‘stubborn’ on my list! LOL

  6. looks like you nailed your 6 words too!!

  7. I promise I’ll do mine soon! :) I like your words!!

  8. All good qualities to have

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