Figuring Things Out

This weekend I spent a lot of time playing around with the new camera. I am still in the very early stages of learning. I cannot believe how many settings this thing has! It takes great pictures but I still want to be able to learn my full potential on it. Obviously those of you who know what you are doing won’t be too impressed here. But I still am! :)
I was also able to stop by and see Danielle and Baby Tyler this weekend. He is such a beautiful child and I was just amazed at how tiny he was! I think I held him for about an hour before I finally had to let him go because he was ready to eat and well, I don’t have any milk for him like Momma does! Haha!


  1. Great pics! I love that you can tell that you got the picture instantly (no shutter delay); I’m so sick of getting the next facial expression after the one I wanted!!

    Tyler looks so cute. He doesn’t look THAT small, but he looks pretty small.

  2. Those are some cute pictures!!! Congrats on the new camera! You’ll be a pro in no time!!! Just a warning, trying to figure it out is SO addictive. I have neglected my kids a time or two to play with my “camera baby!” Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  3. Great pictures, I love getting new toys and figuring them out.

  4. The camera looks awesome…I’m jealous, LOL.
    And Tyler looks pretty adorable! He’s so tiny!!

  5. Again I say, OH MY is she cute! Seriously, go to manual. That was the best advice I ever got to take better than average pictures. The learning curve is a bit steep but so worth it!

    HOW FUN!

  6. Great pictures. I am very impressed!

  7. Beautiful pictures. I love the one with the baby boy and all the ones with your spicy girl

  8. great pictures! I love fancy cameras.

  9. OOO great Pictures and what a GREAT LOOKING CAMERA!!!!!!

  10. Isn’t Mr Canon the best?!

  11. I love the first photo!! and Karys is such a doll!!! VERY cute baby too!!! So tiny!!! his face is so little next to yours! how sweet!! did you get baby fever???

  12. I LOVE the picture of your hubby and Kary’s with her hat pulled down. What a great personality picture. The picture with the rubber ducky is so good too. That is “calendar” worthy! Great job…I’m thoroughly impressed!

  13. Great pictures! I especially love the rubber ducky shot…the water looks SO blue in it.

    I too am still learning with my new camara…the manual scared me so I actually went out and bought a color photograph soft cover that is just onmy camera…and oh my god what a difference! I read a paragraph and then imnmediately try out on the camera what I read. It makes it so much easier to figure out! We’ll both be pros in no time!

  14. Those are great photos!

    I’m going to check out McCain’s daughters blog now!! :)

  15. Great photos, my camera stinks. I get to see Tyler this weekend. Cute pictures. So glad she updated his site. Yay!

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