Hello, Lover! *

(*For all you SATC fans)

I am always happy when I go shopping. It’s one of my favorite things (see most of my blog posts). But what makes me the happiest girl in the world? SHOE SHOPPING! Of course.

My sister and I went shopping this weekend. She wanted to look at shoes. I really didn’t need to spend any more money but I obliged because, well, why not?

And then it happened. A light shone down from Heaven and God showed me the most perfect pair of summer shoes. I quickly ran over to them and checked for my size. And there it was. It was a sign. A sign that they were supposed to be mine.

My feet were aching for me to put them. I could hear the chorus singing “Hallelujah” as I slipped the oh-so-perfect 4″ heel on my eager feet. They were perfect for each other. A purely illicit love affair. And who am I to deny true love between a wanting foot and a fabulous shoe? That would just be sinful.

And so, I now have a perfect summer lover for my little feet…


  1. Those are cute!

    Now, Rachel, stop making your sister spend money!

  2. How many pairs of shoes do you now own, was that 60 or 65 pairs in your closet?…lol…they looked really nice on your feet Sunday honey.

  3. hahaha – you crack me up!! Hey, she did better than I did… I accidently bought 3 pairs… oops! :) We should not go shopping together! ha – yeah right!!!

  4. SUPER Sexy shoes! I can see how you fell in love with those hotties!

  5. Congrats on those shoes! What a very funny POST! hehehe

  6. Ooh, very cute and sassy!!

  7. Those are some unique and very fun shoes!!
    Shoe shopping is THE BEST. Especially if you’ve gained a couple lbs and clothes shopping isn’t as fun!!!!

  8. This is why you work. I don’t get to go shoe shopping. Most of my shoes do not fit as my foot enlarged after the tyke. I am jealous.

  9. Very fab summer Love! You are such a riot. I love your reasoning for things. Congrats on your new SHOES. I need to shop for so much stuff, just haven’t been in the mood!!! What is wrong with me? LOL

    You’ll have to show us what outfits you pair up with these babies.

  10. You are so funny. Love those shoes. I have a major shoe fetish too. A girl just can not have enough shoes!!! Lol
    Here’s to a great summer love affair.

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shoes!!!!

  12. Alright I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do a shoe post because you have inspired me. The straw that broke tje bacl pf jte camel. I have a shoe PROBLEM – I will post about it soon.


  13. Thanks for stopping by today. I’ve seen your avatar everywhere, and based on those shoes, I know I’m goanna love ya’. (Cutie little Karys too … my goodness!)

  14. Those shoes are just too cute!

    I would have seen a light too, and I am sure you actually did hear angels singing! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my little life today, and I will be adding you to my reader! Anyone with shoes like that HAS to be in my reader! :)

  15. Happy Thursday!!! I am still loving your Shoes!

  16. Awwww…I have sisters too! And we have shopping addictions too!

    Those are CUTE! Love’em.

  17. Love ’em!!
    I loved the title of your post “Hello Lover!” I could just hear Carrie on Sex in the City saying that. You are hilarious.

  18. Im so not a fan of shopping, maybe one day when we have some free money and can buy some of those pretty things im always seeing.

    I do heart the shoes though (and SATC, SO EXCITED about the movie)

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