Memorial Day Madness

Madness. Yes, I said it. It was a weekend of utter madness.

But a great weekend nonetheless.

To sum things up in a nutshell *taking a deep breath*….Karys visiting got me dismissed early from work Friday (yay!), my husband chopped off all his gorgeous hair (still getting used to this), attended our friends 2 year old’s birthday party, watched There Will Be Blood (and was extremely disappointed), had Karys’ 2nd swim lesson, took Karys’ paci away for good, went shopping with my sister again (and spent too much money again), had dinner with Holly and hosted a pool party for family and friends to celebrate the holiday.

And Breathe.

All in all, there were 3 very interesting things I learned from this weekend:
* Meeting your blog friend in person for dinner and margaritas is fabulous fun! Thanks AFF!
* Realizing our parents have more drama (& higher alcohol levels) than us is a bit odd!
* Having your husband convinced you need to immediately conceive another child is scary!

Now, there is indeed a marvelous story that goes with each of the three things above but frankly I have too much work to go into all of that detail. Nor am I sure that I want to elaborate on most of them. Perhaps another time. Perhaps…

A special thank you to our wonderful troops, past and present, who continue to let us live in the luxury of our own madness. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for us. This should not be forgotten.

I hope everyone had a spectacular Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Hi! I also had a crazy weekend. I also met blog friends in person, which was SO great and so much fun.

    And we spent the rest of the weekend socializing and picnicking. I was actually glad the weekend was over and normal routine is back. It was almost too much.

    Have a great week!

  2. I agree – still getting used to Tim’s hair… I think I was the only one without a child at the bday party, we both spent too much money, and I had a blast Monday! and got a GREAT tan! YAY! GREAT weekend if you ask me!! :)

  3. You’re going to leave me hanging like that??????

  4. Sounds perfectly busy!


  5. I’m w/ Krystyn..I need more info! lol Glad you had a fun yet hectic weekend! How is Karys doing w/o the paci?!?!

  6. HA! Will be anxiously awaiting all three of those stories!!

  7. okay… you have to post some stories with everything. You are leaving me hangin’ here :)

  8. He cut his HAIR? Oy vey. And, I had a great time, too. Although, I think I drank too much. I’m a light weight.

    And, thank goodness Tim realized I’m not, in fact, an internet predator or a man pretending to be a girl via a blog (for almost a solid year!)…

  9. I see we both had busy weekends! Heres to Friday getting her soon so I can relax :)lol

  10. Now that sounds like one fun busy weekend!

  11. Hopefully things will calm down soon for you! Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  12. Sounds like you have a great weekend! Nice to spend time with family and friends – very cool to get to spend some time with a blogging friend (I’m jealous)!

    Nice to see you Stephanie! Take care and I hope to see you again soon – Kellan

  13. Yikes, I’m tired just from READING all of that!!
    And how cool is that? Meeting a blog friend in real life!!

  14. You were a busy bee!
    Make sure you elaborate on all three stories.
    Glad you enjoyed your busy weekend!

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