My Uterus Is Scared

Here you have it, my 3rd and final post about what I learned during my crazy Memorial Day Madness

Having Your Husband Convinced You Need to Immediately Conceive Another Child Is Scary

I just know how much you all love these stories, right?

Saturday afternoon my husband and I attended our friends daughter’s 2nd birthday party with Karys in tow. She was the youngest there at (almost) 15 months. There was also a 7 year old girl, a 3 year old boy, and a couple 2 year old little girls. In addition to all the kiddos was a mini moonwalk in the living room. To say Karys had a blast would be an understatement. She played, ran, jumped, ate hot dogs and had cupcakes. She was literally having the time of her little life.

Watching her play with some of the other kids was really sweet. They would take their time with her and help her. The little boy was showing her how to jump in the moonwalk. It was great to see her with some of the other children her age.

Apparently, my husband got this same feeling.

Only my feeling did not come with intent to go home and make another baby! He was so convinced we needed another one that I finally had to declare my body off limits. Frankly, I was terrified for my uterus if Tim got anywhere near it.

Of course I want more kids, but…

Not. Quite. Yet.

I have since heard about it more. About moving up our timetable. About not caring what all we have coming up in the next few months. About it being about us, not everyone else. I think I have heard literally almost every reason in the book on trying to convince me that NOW is the right time.

I’m touched that he wants more kids as much as I do. I really am. I am a very lucky lady to have such a devoted husband and father with his focus on our growing family. I just need a little more time first…

What ever happened to women getting the Baby Fever?


  1. I totally know how you feel. My husband dropped a bombshell on me on our honeymoon with saying “how do you feel about gettnig pregnant asap?”…. what the?!?!?! I thought it was really really sweet that he was THAT excited about kids, but um…. I need more time 😉

  2. Man, this is some seriously unfair journalism! Hopefully no one believes it…So Steph…what are you doing tonight after Karys goes to bed?? 😉

  3. I totally think you should join the ranks and let Tim have his way. I would love a preggo partner LOL. Besides…don’t you already have some cute maternity clothes waiting for you to wear? 😉

  4. Sounds like Tim is learning from the best of them (YOU) and giving you all of the arguments. He’s been taking notes, Steph, watch out!

  5. I think you best break out the basal just to be extra careful.

  6. ahhh daddy baby fever. there’s nothing quite like it.

    good luck protecting the uterus for a bit longer :)

  7. Well, I will say you are so lucky to have a hubby that wants more kids. 2 out of my 3 were accidents (one even a birth control baby!) and I even waited 3 days to tell Hubby about this last one because I knew what his reaction would be. To respond to Tim’s comment, it is unfair journalism for sure, because most men aren’t like this and it makes us women envy women like you!

    Also, not trying to make anyone more gung ho here, but in about 7 weeks, I’m going to have three kids under 2.5 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having them close is the only way to go now that I’ve experienced it! ;oD Sorry if that doesn’t help any…

  8. Ooooo, what a quandry you have found yourself in…….

    Hope that you are able to hold out just a little longer, although ours are 17 months apart. Everyone has their own reasons for the spacing of their kids.

    Hang on to your reasons! :)

  9. Aww. That is so cute! I know how you feel though. I always try to make it through summer before I get prego, but it never works out that way. Luckily, hubby is always happy about it.

  10. OMG, thank goodness I can’t have another one, otherwise my hubs would already have started… and B is only 6 weeks.

  11. Well, what does one say to this? I have two kids who are three years apart, and to be quite honest I don’t know that you’re ever ready for the second one. It’s one of those things that you just have to dive into head first (oh man, that was not a good choice of words). I think you know what I mean. You should definitely not be opposed to it, but like I said…when will you ever be ready? Good luck!

  12. my husband has major baby fever. I am sleeping with my legs crossed at this point.

  13. Lol….Wes and I our starting to get the fever ourselves. We want to wait a few more months too.

  14. I’ll say two things…Good luck on the off limits thing…and baby number two is very sweet!

  15. HA…HA…I agree with nap warden. GOOD LUCK on the off limits thing!!! LOL!!!!

    I forsee baby booties in your new future.

    No really…I wish you the best. It will happen when it’s time for both of you. Even if you don’t realize it’s time until after the fact. 😉

    Have a great weekend!!

  16. Stick to your guns!! Two kids is HARD work. You’re the one who has to deal with the pregnancy, labor, and rearing of the children (ok that may be shared) but ultimately you need to wait till you both think your ready. Enjoy your baby and give yourself a couple more months and then discuss again.

    But let me say I definitely relate to your husband. I’ve always wanted babies one right after the other. My husband has cut me off too. Maybe your husband and I could…oh never mind…there I go making things awkward again.

  17. OMG! that is hilarious! I have never heard anyone say they are scared for their uterus! hahahaha – and Tim’s comment cracks me up!! I am no help in this situation… you know I am ready for you to have baby #2!! :) I heart being an Aunt :)

  18. Well, can your hubby and mine get together, ’cause I wouldn’t mind my husband getting a bit of the fever. I don’t think I’m ready just yet, but I could be soon. He is wanting to put it off for another year. Oh well.

  19. I understand where you are coming from but I think my husband understands better, when the time is right it will happen.

  20. Men always want to practice having another baby – it’s sweet that yours actually want one.
    I can tell you – ours are almost exactly 3 years apart & I wish they were closer in age.
    Good luck with your decision & don’t over think it – just have fun & dive in.

  21. I’m a little jealous that your hubby is eager for number two. Not that I’m ready for number two, but when that time does come, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to drug my hubby in order to make number 2!

  22. OK this was so totally funny! I am laughing…well when I am not coughing…anyway I loved that you wrote….terrified for your uterus….so funnny!

  23. You are such a nut. It’ll happen when you are both ready and your growing little family will be even more precious.

    WOW-You have quite a blog following…all these comments I have to scroll down through. LOL You crack us all up. Poor Tim. Give him another one, there is no time like the present. Just make sure we plan that HH first. lol

  24. At least you know he’ll be ready when you are. So cool.

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