Typically I’m not one to ever say much about gas prices.

There are several very good reasons for this:
– I don’t pay attention to what things cost
– I can’t change the prices and so why waste my time complaining about it
– I “accidentally” always have my husband in the car when I realize I’m low on gas and need a fill up so he can pump it (I think he is on to me though!) – so I have no idea the cost to fill up
– We carpool to work in his car so I don’t feel like we use that much to complain about
– I assumed it was around $45 or $50 for my SUV (because last time I actually pumped gas, it was about this amount)

However, I was “accidentally” really low yesterday and we drove up to the gas station so he could fill up. I happened to turn around and saw the numbers climbing fiercely….$55….$60…$65 (holy!)…$70 (uh oh)$75 – CUT OFF! We reached the maximum amount the gas station would let us charge.

Are you kidding me?!



  1. I know, I got cut off the other day too! What’s scary is I wonder how much more it would have cost?

  2. Holy moly! I didn’t even know there was a cut off. But, this makes me very thankful that we both have cars (and it still costs us about $50 to fill up).

  3. It’s really sad, isn’t it? And, I’m a witch so I think it’s our gas, from our wells, off our coast…shouldn’t we pay half of what everybody else does??

    Why do you think I went apeshit when the good for nothing company moved Puppy from the plant 1.5 miles away from home to the one 20 miles away? My free spending money was totally taken away. For GAS!

  4. Well…I spend about 3 hours a day commuting. Killer.

    But, I only have to do it 3 days a week, so it’s not TOO bad. And, part of that commute is optional: I take my kiddo out to the mother in law’s instead of putting him in daycare. So, I add to my commute…but I make up for it by not paying for daycare!

    On another note,
    Your dtr is so cute!

  5. Hellza yeah I’m with you girl (great minds think alike with the same blog post). We’ve REALLY started to rethink our traveling ways.

  6. This is why I drive my little black car. To think I wanted an SUV….like you I never use to pay attention…for one, it is gas and in our great city WE NEED IT to get from point A to B. I spent $42.00 filling up, so sorry to hear you have a cut off point.

  7. That’s AWFUL! I cringe everytime I fill up my car and we stop around $45 (I think…my husband usually fills my car too!)

  8. We go through between $140 and $180 a WEEK in gas. And I am a SAHM and don’t HAVE to go anywhere. It’s mostly the man of the house with his 45 mile drive to work. Both of us have SUV’s and oh how I wish we could trade one of them for a moped!!

  9. The gas prices are killing us! 3.76 a gallon here in Savannah! I have a SUV and yes 75.00 is not filing us UP! UGG

  10. OUCH is right. That is about what it cost for me to fill up too. It is depressing … I can think of a million other things I would LOVE to spend the money on rather than gas! :)

  11. It suckity sucks. And sucks some more.

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