Reason #2,135

Why Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Speak

Scene: At the office. Passing by a co-worker’s office, whom I will refer to as “Brenda”.

B: “Stephanie, would you mind coming in here?”
Me: “Sure, what’s up?” (friendly person that I am and all)
B: “Can I ask you a really personal question without you getting mad?”
Me: “Ummm….maybe” (me thinking it has to do with work stuff)
B: “Are you pregnant again?”

– pause to regain control of shocked self –

Me: “No, I’m not. But thanks for asking, because I’ve been going to the gym and eating better”
B: “No, it’s not that you’re gaining weight….it’s the way you walk”
Me: “What, do I waddle or something” (sarcastically)
B: “Well, yes, you do”
Me: ” Well, no, I’m not pregnant and I really don’t think I waddle” (I walk out of her office)
B: “Sorry!” (screams down the hall)

There are SO many things wrong with this conversation that I don’t even know where to begin. For the record, no, I do not waddle (and I made sure to ask a lot of super honest people after that to make sure). I did not even “waddle” while I was pregnant until maybe my last few weeks!

Now, first of all, “Brenda” and I are not friends. We are barely acquaintances. So even if I were pregnant, why would I choose to tell her before anyone else?

Second, who says stuff like that to someone else? Are you kidding me? Of course, this is the same lady that told our “big boss” that he could stay at the YMCA while looking for a house to buy in Houston (he was moving from out of state). So maybe that can’t be too much of a surprise. “Brenda” has never had any tact and there are several adjectives I could use to describe her, but I won’t go there.

Thirdly, this woman is easily 3 or 4 times as big as me! And, yes, she does in fact waddle around. Which is even more bizarre that she would tell me I was wadding. I’m thinking maybe she does not recognize “normal walking” anymore?

Then, after compltely offending me, she chooses to ask me how long it will be before my husband and I decide to have another child. Mind you, this is a woman who does not even know my daughter’s name! Why, on God’s green earth, would I tell this woman anything about my personal life?

I will never, for the record, understand where some people got their manners from, or lack thereof. Or what makes them feel justified in asking people such extremely personal questions and thinking they are entitled to know that information.

Just to clarify, NO I am not pregnant. Nor am I trying to get pregnant.

People, I honestly could not make this stuff up.


  1. Okayyyyyyyy , i cannot believe someone would actually ask that. I could not imagine asking anyone i was not close to that question

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Some people have no class! No worries just keep kicking butt at the gym and show “Brenda” whos boss! lol I still cant believe someone would ever say that to someone else.

  3. OH girl
    I am angry just reading this…
    Some people have absolutely NO common sense.. and she is a woman. Women should KNOW better.
    You are too nice, i would have ripped her a new one!
    love ya girl
    I think you are beautiful!

  4. That’s just not right! Who does that seriously? That’s just as bad as asking a pregnant woman if they are having twins!

    No tact, or manner, none!

    Did you tell her you would prefer it if she just didn’t talk to you?

  5. This is why I sucked at office politics. I would’ve told her to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Talk about intrusive, uncalled for, and just plain out-of-line! Gee whiz. She needs to take an Emily Post social graces class.

    I had a co-worker who decided she didn’t like me the day I met her…why? She was saying how horrible & shitty Houston was..then asked where I was from, did the double take and said there must be some parts that were nice. I replied that yes,in fact, there are some really nice areas of Houston. This is the same woman who publically began a rumor I was doing our boss. And, then to illustrate this, got her clique to make me teacher of the month to use it as fodder against me. I really hated that woman. Like I said, I DO NOT DO office politics well.

  6. wow! i just cannot believe some people.

  7. Yeah right there is why I choose to stay in my PJ’s and never leave my house. Right there is why I never never ever have a desire to step foot back in the working world. BUT my time at home is almost up….I was only suppose to be here until both kids went to school!!!! UGGGG I am scared very very scared!!! LOL LOL

  8. No, you do not waddle… what a B! I would have to agree with you on that she probably doesnt know what normal walking looks like! ugh.. no class…

  9. Seriously! SOME PEOPLE! I will NEVER understand what gives some people the idea that they were put here to, not only butt into everyone elses business, but make sure that they are making everyone elses life miserable by “looking out for them.” OH GEEZ! Don’t you sometimes wish that you yourself had no class, too, and could actually tell her what you are thinking!?

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