Thursday 13

13 Things I Need To Do Soon

1. Move the black couches upstairs
2. Sell the treadmill
3. Sell the end tables upstairs
4. Sell the kitchen table
5. Get a quote on walling in the downstairs room
6. Fix the hole in the wall
7. Fix the car
8. Touch up the stairway walls
9. Finally Meet Baby Tyler
10. Order a Keepsake CD for Karys
11. Pick up portraits from Karys’ 2nd sitting
12. Order a new swimsuit
13. Get the new coffee table delivered!!


  1. man, lots of changes to your house!! I cant wait to see your couches tomorrow (and your wall and car)and I really CANT WAIT to see my precious little baby girl!!!!

  2. Busy, busy. Are you going to close in your formal living room?

    I need to get a swimsuit, too. I didn’t get a maternity one last time, but now with Izzy pulling on it, I think I’ll be needing a one piece!

  3. You are one busy woman, girlfriend! I think you should add “shop for new shoes” because, I tell you what. Today I have my new sexy black heels on, and DANG…I’m feeling good! :)

  4. Good luck on the 13 things you need to do soon! MY list goes way beyond 13! LOL Again Good LUCK!

  5. Busy. Busy.

    I was going to look for swimsuits this weekend. Keep us updated. Unless, of course… you are going with a bikini. :)

  6. I SO need a new bathing suit, too! I’ll be in Florida in two weeks and I have no swim suit to wear, NOR any decent summer clothes. I feel a shopping trip coming on….

  7. Your list makes me tired :)

  8. You are one busy young lady! Your couches are beautiful, I really like them, can’t wait to see it all together with the tables. :) I love you

  9. I leave for Florida in 2 weeks, and I still dont think I’m ready to go swimsuit shopping! lol Good luck on the stuff at the house! Soudns like fun! Cant wait or more pics!

  10. You are one BUSY gal. I will be right there with you soon depending on when I actually move. If only I could just stay where I am at now. I really hate to move. Especially furniture. Maybe I’ll just buy all new furniture. LOL

  11. It is Friday….Have a great Weekend!

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