When Bloggers Meet…

As promised, I will go into further detail about some of the events of my Memorial Day Madness weekend.

First up, the meeting of the infamous AFF.

To the blogger world, she is somewhat of a mini-celebrity in her own right. Her posts are classic and hilarious. They are the kind that you cannot help but rush home to your spouse and tell him. And though he has never met her, my husband has known for some time who Holly is. You mean “the one with the engineer husband?”. Yes, sweetie, that is “Holly“.

So when Holly emailed me a few weeks ago saying she was going to be in Houston and asked if I wanted to meet up for dinner, my heart did a little leap. Of course I would! Who wouldn’t want to chat in person with the author of those fun and witty posts?! So it was set. We had a date.

As I parked at the lovely Pappasito’s, I took one last call from my husband, begging me to text him just in case Holly ended up being some guy that’s been tricking me for the past 7 or so months. Yes, he actually said this. As I walk up the door, I see her standing there. She’s wearing a cute pair of black capris with a cute white top with some black lace and a matching necklace and earring ensemble. I immediately feel underdressed. Here’s me in my jeans and black tank top and my sparkly flats (yes, flats – I could not find my heels in my rush out the door).

We decide to take a drink at the bar while waiting for our table and bond over craziness that is our families.

Instant. Friends.

Although, I am slightly inclined to believe she beats me on the crazy family. We bond over another drink and dinner, sharing horror stories, family stories, and of course, child stories about our remarkably perfect children. What? You didn’t know I had a perfect child?

Sadly the time goes by all too quickly and we have to bring our meal to a close, as it is now after 9pm and we have our husband and kiddos at home. I probably could have stayed the whole night drinking and talking. But perhaps it is better I only had 2 margaritas and ended on a slightly sober note so that we remain friends. No sense scaring her now with my inablity to handle my liquor!

Meeting AFF after months of reading and emailing was truly a pleasure and I hope to do it again soon. And even more frequently once she wins WWIII and moves her internet-famous butt back to Houston.

I hear you asking me now….wait, where are the pictures? Where is the proof? Well, friends, I suggest you get over to AFF and heckle her for the non-existent pictures. See, I was ready at the hand. Camera in purse.

However, she did not have lipstick on so therefore had to decline any snapping of photos by wanting paparazzi.


  1. Glad you made a new friend!! And had a great dinner!!

  2. That’s awesome you guys got to meet! I’m sooooo jealous!

    And, you should have taken pictures anyways! You could have painted some lipstick on her later!!

    Going to heckle Holly now….

  3. I am so jealous! I want to have dinner with you two!

  4. Now see, that’s interesting. Holly completely skips over the part where she refuses to take a picture because she isn’t wearing lipstick. Good thing you were there to make sure your readers had the whole story!!!

    PS – YUM! I heart Pappasito’s. They have the best salsa!

  5. That is so very cool!

  6. Me overdressed? After squelching my ever growing “biggest butt in blogdom” into those poor capris, I discovered my poor White House top also seemed to have shrunk. Putting visual proof of that out for the internet would be blackmail. Next time, I’m going to remember to bring a purse. And, then, perhaps there will be lipstick.

  7. I love, love, love this post!!! I have found some WONDERFUL bloggy friends and would love nothing more than to meet them in real life!!

    p.s. My husband is from Houston….and you now have me craving Pappasitos!!! YUM-O!!

  8. that is so fun that you met. if only more bloggers lived in Alaska I may meet one some day

  9. Yay for dinner. I never get to meet any other bloggers. :(

  10. I too, never get to meet any bloggers… sigh. But I love finding new ones online. Your blog is awesome and your kids are adorable…

  11. So cool…makes me wish I was in Texas…Seems like all bloggers are in Texas! But alas, I am stuck up north in Big City USA:)

  12. oh how fun!! and how very lucky :)

    i too can’t wait to finally meet my bloggy friends. it’s a shame we don’t all live closer!!

    glad you guys had such a wonderful time!!

  13. Awwww….. you met AFF. Lucky dog. 😉

  14. that is so exciting! I would love to meet some of my bloggy friends!

  15. Lucky, lucky girl!! I am really thinking I need to move to Texas.


  16. Bloggy friends ROCK!!! But what? NO PICTURES?!? Are you both not “true” bloggers? LOL

  17. That sounds fun! I’d love to do this with many of my blogger buddies!

  18. So jealous!! Next time I wanna come, I am all about Pappasito’s and those ritas!!

  19. How fun! That’s so cool you guys got to actually meet in real life! I love blogland!!! There’s so many cool people out there!!!! Consider yourself one of them! I love your blog!!!! You crack me up!!!!!

  20. I adore Holly. I loved her take on y’all’s meeting too. It so sounds like her, no lipstick… no pictures.
    Y’all all need to come further South. Seriously!!

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