Check out that TAN!
Thank goodness she inherited her Momma’s Italian skin!


  1. Too cute! It looks like someone likes rubber duckies. 😉

  2. Cutie! I think she’s darker than me!

  3. Italians are the best!!! :) I love the way she smells after her baths :)

  4. Awwwwww…..

  5. Yes, she has a better tan than me! 😉 I love her little curls!

  6. You lucky girls. Fair makeup is darker than I am.

  7. Precious, precious pics.
    So cute.

    And I’m loving your new camera.

  8. okay i wish I could get a tan like that!

  9. Adorable, I am glad my kids have their father’s Portuguese skin, they tan up really nice! lol Hopefully we will get some sun this Sunday, we’ll be at Splashtown. Yay!

  10. Yeah my boys being half korean….get great little tans and well me I am very very pale! She is beautiful and I love HER tan!

  11. She’s adorable. If only I could tan so easily

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