WW – Books!

Lately, when Karys disappears, I have found her on her Daddy’s side of the bed, looking deep in thought over one of his books. No worries that the book is actually upside down! :)


  1. LOL
    Very cute.
    Sara Rose loves to read also.

  2. Love her profile. LOVELY!

  3. Izzy loves her books too! It’s nice when they want to “read” the books to themselves!

  4. what a beautiful portrate of your daughter. I can’t wait for Mia to long to read as well…spurs on so much creativity and individuality :)

    Have a WONDERFUL day!

  5. those are great pictures. the color is fabulous! Your new camera rocks.

  6. CUTE!!!!!

  7. Aww..how sweet!

  8. Adorable!

  9. It’s great to foster that love early on..you need to take her to B&N for a spree. I have a site you might like for some books..lemme know.

  10. getting her daddy’s brains already!! YAY!!! :) I cant wait to shower her with kisses today!!! she is precious!

  11. Very cute. And she really looks like she is reading the book. Deep in thought!

  12. Very sweet. She is adorable.

  13. love it love it CUTE

  14. You just might end up with a reader on your hands! So cute!
    (P.S. I tagged you for a meme)

  15. Who cares it she is reading, its adorable when she does :)

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