11 Hours…

In about 11 hours, The Bet II Ends.

However, I will not have my final weigh in until early next week or the week after. Reason? Because Miss Flo is set to be in town this week and whenever she visits, she tends to bring with her unwanted extra pounds. Always.

Tim actually proposed the 2 week extension. I’ve done really well so far and have a current loss of 8 lbs in the past 2-3 weeks (since I actually got serious – and possibly after a 5 lb increase after The Bet II started – oops!). We will also be taking inches into consideration since working out may have contributed to a bit of muscle gain?? Maybe??

And can you believe I have not even picked out a prize yet? I don’t want to get my hopes too high up…but I might have to take a sneak peek today! You know, just for an idea…. A girl should always to be aware of her options, right??

The “prize” I am referring to is a new Coach Bag. That was always the deal in the original Bet. Though, I would love to go to Hawaii or Vail, that’s not gonna happen. Lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks and get a new Coach. I’ll know soon if that bag is mine!


  1. well, I have been having a contest with myself and still have yet to loose weight. I have not lost 1 pound since comeing home from the hospital, but yet I fit into a bit of my old cloths and I can’t tell I have lost a lot of weight, but scale wise…. not one pound

  2. You could always get a Maddy like me. I love her.

  3. You go girl!

  4. I’m crossing my fingers…. :)

  5. Can’t wait to hear the results and see the prize.

  6. You should go to HAWAII for your prize!

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  8. Oooh exciting!! I know what you mean, I weighed myself the other day and about dropped when I saw that I had gained a few pounds. But than I remembered ms. flow and her tendency to hang on to water weight…I think I’ll weigh myself in 5 to 7 workdays instead…I think I’ll go to the gym as well.

    Good luck!!

  9. Sounds like you are totally doing amazing!!

    Can’t wait to see the prize either!

    I am sure you have done it!


  10. Okay am I understanding this correctly?
    You are getting a “prize” for losing 10 pounds?
    I mean I know it is a lot of work, but the prizes listed in your comment section were: Vail, Hawaii, a coach bag.
    Who is sponsoring these prizes?
    Is it your husband?
    If so… my hubby is definitely reading this post!
    I will lose 30 pounds if it will get me a trip and a cute bag! Throw in a pair of shoes and I could probably have 50 lbs. knocked off before summers end.
    Please let me know more about this “bet”.
    I need details!!!

  11. Yes, you should peak at a prize! What a great motivator! I just signed up with a personal trainer to meet my goals…I need someone to movitate me or I’ll be lazy. Ha!

    Just came across your blog and thought I’d say hello…it’s cute!


  12. oh i love prizes :)

    hoping you win and hoping you might share the prize??

    tee hee

  13. Dying to know how it turns out…good luck!

  14. Get busy prize picking!! Quick!!


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