13 Random Thoughts I Am Having Today

1. Am I getting another area at work?
2. Possibly working with my sister again
3. Idea of expanding our family
4. Our neighbors putting their house up for sale
5. Do we stay or do we go?
6. I think my bladder is too small
7. Happy I am not part of stupid family drama going on
8. I need to start a new book. Which one?
9. Need to finish work on my closet
10. It is freezing in my office…Facilities Request!
11. When will Jaime move back home?
12. I hope baby girl feels better today
13. Seeing Danielle Saturday for a class & drinks


  1. #2 and #3 sound like fun! 😉 You sure do have alot on your mind! Hope you have a good day! I dont know if you’ve ever read anything Jodi Picoult, but I’m on her 2nd book right now and really like her! Just a thought! Hope Karys feels better too!

  2. uhm right there with you on #6. seriously i thought once beans came out my bladder would return to normal?? clearly i was wrong!!

  3. Have you read My Sister’s Keeper??

    That’s a good one.

  4. Must slow brain down!!!

    I hope the class (and the drinks) are fun!!! I need to sign up for another one!

  5. Great random thoughts.
    Where did we store all those before we were bloggers?
    I recommend any book by Nicholas Sparks..he is my favorite.

  6. it is never easy to make the espanding family decision. We have been having that on our minds…. we want to wait. but we keeping thinking about it still

  7. Class & Drinks? Sign this siter up! I need to do my TT still! When is Jamie moving back? My friend Julia will be here next weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy! lol

    Let me know where to meet you two gals after the class *wink*

  8. I *LOVE* your site design!

    What to read next? Have you read anything by Jodi Picoult? I highly recomment her! Mercy or My Sister’s Keeper…

  9. We are constantly considering #5.

    I think we were meant to be explorers!

    Loved the random thoughts for the day. My brain has been doing the same, I truly feel that this is my brain on summer! Member that commerical? Your brain, your brain on crack? I’m probably way older than you and you have no idea what I am talking about. Yet, another example of my random thoughts……

    I leave now and spare you any more pain! :)

  10. See..everybody loves Jodi Picoult! My Sisters Keeper is my next read I think!!

  11. I’m still going back and forth on the baby debate too. I’ll probably get pregnant again before I completely decide. HA!

  12. Hey girly, I’m back :) Need a new book…try Mommy Tracked. Just finished…super cute :)

  13. I miss you!

  14. Suggestion for a book to read…

    Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

    It’s the first in a series of 4. 3 are already out and the 4th comes out in August.

    So good and so addicting.

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