Happy Anniversary To Us!

Tim ~

Four years ago today was one of the best days of my life. I married my best friend and the love of my life. I am one of the lucky ones. Because 4 years later, here we are. We have so much to be thankful for, including one very adorable daughter. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you by my side…

~The First Kiss~
~The Cake~
~The Maids of Honor & Best Men~
~The Dance~
~The Beginning~

Happy 4th Anniversary, Baby! Here’s to many, many, many more!


  1. Congrats! Here’s to you both!

  2. What a beautiful bride! You both looked so happy!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to MANY more happy years!

  5. What a beautiful bride you were! Congratulations on four wonderful years!!!

  6. You looked beautiful!

    Happy Anniersary :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! I loved your dress…you looked gorgeous! Here’s too many more! (man, I wish I had champagne right now!)

  8. Happy Anniversary you two!!!

    What an adorable couple you are.

    Love your dress… what a beautiful bride!

  9. your wedding dress is fabulous!

  10. What a beautiful bride and groom you two make! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

  11. Beautiful beautiful pictures! Your dress and hair are both amazing!

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. COngrats, You both look so happy. Isn’t being married wonderful!

  13. Happy Anniversary!! Love those pictures, and your dress is gorgeous!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have many more!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope it is fabulous and that you have many, many more. I love those pics! I had only seen a couple before. :)

  16. happy, happy anniversary :)

    such beautiful pictures and such a happy couple!

    hope you enjoy your special day!!

  17. What absolutely gorgeous photos! Wow! Love the dress, love the hair, love it all!
    Happy Anniversary!

  18. OOOOO Happy Happy Anniversary!

    OK you so look like a PRINCESS BRIDE! Did you get your dress perserved for that beautiful Daughter of YOURS? It is so awesome!

    Great great post!

  19. Yall are so darn cute!! Heres to MANY more years to come!! I love your wedding pictures!!

  20. on all the dates we share (so crazy) this is one of the best!
    Many hugs to you two…
    and to top it off, our church even looks the same!


  21. Happy 4 years! Yay for you two!
    Love the pictures! You both look amazing!!

  22. oh happy 4 years… and that picture of the rice flying and you guys are leaving… beauitful!

  23. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! Those pictures are beautiful.

  24. Happy Anniversary and more good memories to come! I’m surprised you don’t have an anniversary website, haha.

  25. Happy Anniversary, dear. I hope you guys do end up getting to do something tonight! And, what did he GET YOU??

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!

    LOVE the pictures. You look so beautiful.

  27. Happy Anniversary! We’re coming up on 20 years in August. It goes by in a blink.

  28. Beautiful pictures, you two make an amazing couple! Happy Anniversary!

  29. Happy Anniversary to you and the Hubby!!

    You look amazing, and you both are such a cute couple!

    Hears to many more!!

  30. So magical…makes me want to get married….Umm, no it doesn’t. LOL I am so happy for you two. It almost makes me sick how great you both are. *sensing jealousy* lol. No really, you two are the cutest. To top it all off, you have your beautiful baby girl.

    Many many more years of happiness to you both.

    Happy 4th! BIG XOXOXOXOXOXOX!!!

  31. You are absolutely lovely. I adore that last shot!!! So different . . .

    Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more!

  32. *raises glass*

    Happy Anniversary! WOOT!

  33. How is Kendall by the way? Do you still keep in touch? Everytime I think of you 2, I think of the duet to Anastasia for drill team! lol

  34. Happy Anniversary! Great pictures:)


    Your pictures are so beautiful!

  36. Your wedding was beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  37. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

  38. Happy Anniversary Again!

    I have some bloggy love for you over at my place.

    Have a great weekend.

    You looked BEAUTIFUL!!! The last picture is breathtaking!!!!

  40. I know I already left a comment, but I am really a fanatic when it comes to round numbers. I saw the 39 and had to even it out!!!

    Hope your anniversary weekend was wonderful!

  41. Wow, this is like the coolest blog ever. Did you design it?

  42. I hope you got to have a MINI 4 YEAR HONEYMOON this weekend!

  43. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!! That is all I can say. I am so struck by it.


  44. Happy 4th Anniversary!!! What’s on the gift list this year? Paper? Cotton? Lace? (I forgot.)

  45. Man, I think this website is blowing up! Happy anniversary and congrats on passing the 40 mark baby!

  46. Congrats on your anniversary and hope you have a very long and happy life together…

    full of blessings and joy and laughter (and just enough of the other crap to make you appreciate it)



  47. Happy (belated)Anniversary. Here’s to MANY, MANY more!

  48. I love the photos. Just beautiful.

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