Mini Conversations

“You’re Beautiful. I Love You.”

“Da Doo”
(FYI – Da Doo is Thank You)

Recently I was giving my daughter a bath and was talking to her. We were having one of our mostly one-way conversations. The kind where I talk and she plays with her bath toys. I said something else and then she looked me in the eyes and responded. I was thrilled. It was like she had understood what I was telling her and wanted to say something back.

There is no doubt about it, this child is definitely mine.


  1. So sweet! My 15 month old is just now starting to do this, too and it’s heart melting! I love it!

  2. She. is. gorgeous!

    I love this age when they are learning to communicate.

    One day you will ask yourself if she will ever STOP talking.

    Did you have to taunt me with photos of your fabulous pool in the background?(LOL)

  3. Such a cutie! Once, it starts, it doesn’t stop!!!

  4. Oh my she is such a cutie pie!!

    How can you stand it??

    I love when they start to communicate. Makes you feel like someday soon, they will be able to talk about what they want instead of just yelling. :)

    Great post, and such a super cute little one!

  5. And she looks like you too! What a little doll!

  6. what a neat moment!! and oh how i look forward to our long mommy-daughter chats…sooo very fun!!

    she really is so sweet!!

  7. My advice? Write that stuff down! It’s amazing all the little “code” words you’ll forget she goes through! So cute.

  8. OMG!! she is SO cute!! I mean we tell her all the time how beautiful she is all the time, at least she is polite! If she were more like you, she would have just said ‘I Know’ hahaha :)

  9. She will be talking up a storm before you know it & wearing your shoes and makeup too.

    I know how you must love these little moments!

    She is a true little angel.

  10. Awe that is so sweet. Treasure it. the terrible twos come way too fast. 😉

  11. Such a little cutie!

  12. She is the cutest!!!!!!! What a sweet mommy moment.

  13. Ahh she’s adorable!

  14. I just love her!…I could see her looking up at you, my precious.

  15. She’s adorable.. Kiddos are truly amazing!!!!!!

  16. Oh she’s the sweetest!! Moments like that are too precious!

  17. What a beautiful Princess – absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the precious moments like that too. :)

  18. Oh. So. Sweet!! And I love the little curls she has. :-)

  19. She is so stinkin’ CUTE.

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