Q&A: Part 1

Wow! You guys gave me a lot more questions than I had anticipated. I’ve got answers for about half of them now. Some of the other ones require a bit more thought. I hadn’t quite expected such deep questions! You’re making me have to think here… And if you still have a question, I’ve got more to go, so feel free to ask away still!

Where do you work?
I work at an oil & gas company and I am one of the lucky ones as I really and truly love my job.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
From my mother after I had my daughter. She told me that I was doing much better than she thought I would as far as handling her and knowing what to do. If you know me, you also know there was a time when I never wanted kids and quite frankly, was never the “motherly” type and thought I’d be bad at it. However, hearing that I was good at it from my own mom, was quite possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Well, I am a momma’s baby, so I have to live somewhere close to my mom. But if I could pack up my whole family and put them somewhere else, I would probably pick somewhere by a crystal clear beach and white sand. I could seriously be by the sea every day of my life and never get sick of it. Except for in the winter, I would want it to be cold in November and December, and only snows on Christmas. Does such a place exist??

What is your dream job?
Doing what I do now, but doing it from home and spending more time with my daughter. I wonder who I could talk to about that. I’ve also always loved the idea of being a realtor. But I don’t know that I have enough motivation to go back to school and get my license.

What are 5 things you want to do before you die?
Have more children
Get a stamp in my passport
Travel To Italy
Participate in a 5K or Marathon
Grow old with my husband

Where did you and Tim go for your first date?
Our first actual date was to the movies in 1998 to see What Dreams May Come.

Who is your favorite actor and actress? What actor makes you swoon?
Actress – Liv Tyler. I have always loved her style and class. She’s simply amazing and just stunning to me. (And I have a huge crush on her dad!)
Actor – Gerard Butler….lately I’ve found him ridiculously delicious!

What types of blogs inspire you?
I find Mommy Blogs really interesting, whether they be working moms like myself, or SAHM’s. I love reading how other people deal with their children and families in certain situations. I love their traditions and family values. And I also love that they express themselves and it’s not just centric on being a mother, but also as the individual. I’ve met some very witty and intelligent momma’s out there! So the Mommy Blog community is probably my favorite. Momma’s are amazing!

Coke, Pepsi or Tea?
Iced Tea without a doubt

I want to know your perfect day. (with and without loved ones)
With Loved Ones: Waking up early, cooking breakfast, staying in pj’s all morning and then hanging out by the pool or at the beach. Just relaxing and no running around. I’d much rather be in a quiet setting than out running around with different activities and places.

Without Loved Ones: Probably the same thing, but with a good book and a few drinks!

What is your favorite food?
Definitely Seafood or Mexican! I’m in Heaven with both of them…. Mmmmm!

How many kids do you think you will have? How many kids do you want?
I think (hope) I will have 3 children. However, I would be open to possibly have 4, but my husband’s absolute limit is three. And he is not totally convinced on having just 3 yet. He’ll get there though 😉

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be? And why?
Hmmmm……I would love to be able to work part time from home and be able to spend more time with Karys. I miss her a lot during the day and while I would never want to give up my job entirely, I do wish I could do more of it from home.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life…who’d play you?
Again, I would love Liv Tyler to play me. I really love her and she comes across as really “real”. I wouldn’t want someone too “over the top”.

What is your favorite memory with Rachel? Ashley?
With Rachel it would probably be when Tim was out traveling when we were first married and she would stay with me. We drank lots of boxes of wine (oh so classy!), watched reruns of The OC and did things that we probably weren’t supposed to in the house but we had a blast and laughed a lot. I always remember how silly we were during those times and how close we were. She’s the best!

With Ashley it was when I was on bed rest during my pregnancy. She knew I was depressed being alone all day and would come over every day after school and we would watch What I Like About You. Sometimes she would make dinner because she was always hungry. She would make me laugh and get me out of my funk. Ashley is very sweet like that – she always wants to help people and make them feel better. Her coming over was literally the highlight of my day.

How did you choose Karys’ name?
After we found out we were expecting a girl, we began looking at names immediately. We loved “K” names. We were taking a bubble bath one night and going through a name book when Tim saw the name Carys and that a variation of it could be spelled with a “K” instead. From that bath on, he referred to our baby as “Karys”. And so her name was chosen…it just fit. (To clarify, her name is pronounced like Paris – but with a “K”).

How many people did you convince to start a blog?
Hmmm…I think about 6 and counting! I’m still working on my cousin – she’s hilarious and has the best stories! Come on, Val…

What size shoe do you wear?
Mostly a 6 1/2. But I can wear a 6 or 7 if it’s a cute shoe that I must have.


  1. What Dreams May Come? I remember everybody joking about it being called Wet Dreams May “Come” but spelled differently! Oh, HS, so much fun!

    In addition to my margarita craving, I would please like some Mexican food!! You guys are killing me!

    Might have to do a Q&A post, too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you hear all my stories anyways so i dont need to blog about it…

  3. Oh, I think Liv would be a great choice for you!

  4. Excellent answers! I wish my hubby would start referring to our baby as SOMETHING. UGH!

  5. Great answers girl! That was fun! (and I am one of those 6 that you got to blog! thanks..I love it now!!) Cant wait to hear more answers!

  6. I’m catching up on reading blogs. Love this Q & A — feels great to get to know you better. I may try this approach, too.

  7. Okay, I noticed that your shoe size is 6 or 7, give or take. BUT, after you had your baby did it change?

    Mine have grown…wider of all things!

  8. Great questions and great answers!!

    And seriously once you have three kids, four is a breeze 😉

  9. oh I always love question and answer posts… also.. um.. sixe 6 shoes! Oh I wish I wore that. I am 5’10 so I am a solid size 10. And now that I have had my baby… yea.. they expanded and never went back down. I think i am a 10.5 now :(

  10. See, I really learned things from that. I thought you only had one sister. Just goes to show you, you can read someone for months & not know important things.

  11. Liv Tyler is cool, but I’m to scared to see her new movie The Strangers!

  12. I love Q&A posts!! Always so much fun to learn more about you!

  13. So far so good. This looks fun but I fear if I did one I’d get 3 Q’s (for real). Thank you for getting me going in the blog world and for becoming more than just a blog buddy.

    Liv is great, I always forget about her…don’t know about the crush on the pops, but you know I love me some Gerard!! Double Yum!

    I can’t make HH, I am going to Port A, member!!

  14. I love these little “speed dating” sessions don’t you?
    I loved getting to know a little more about you.
    Great answers.

  15. I love the Q & A post! It’s fun getting to know your blog friends :)

  16. I’m with you on the perfect place to live. Beach with snow at Christmas…..Ahhhhh.

    Let me know if you find it, and I am right there with you! :)

    Great Q & A!

  17. I love your answers! Great job! I am so with you on living on a beach somewhere. But I have to be close to my family too. :)

  18. Wow that was great. Loved reading your answers.

    I agree with you I want to live somewhere on the beach with my fam.

  19. I love Liv Tyler. Her style. her grace. Everything.

    GREAT answers.

  20. Love the answers. Minus the shoe size one. How am I going to stalk you and take all your shoes if your feet are smaller?!


  21. YOU are too funny and great answer.

  22. Great answers:)

  23. Oh wow, this was so much fun to read. I just KNEW you’d be a tea drinker! :)

  24. it’s fun to learn so much about you!

  25. How fun is that to read?

    Love the conversation between you & your mom. And now you want three or four kiddos? How wonderful!!!

    BTW – Karys is a beautiful name!

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