Q&A: Part 2

I finally finished them! Here are the answers to the remaining questions….

Tell us a funny “I got too drunk and…” story.
I guess one of the most amusing would be when my sister and I went with our friend, Ashley to her parents house in the country a few years ago. We stayed in a little cabin on the other side of the property and could barely see the main house that her parents were in. The three of us were just doing girl stuff and playing our drinking games. All of a sudden one of us (I can’t remember who now) jumps up and screams that there is a mouse that went under the arm chair in the living room. Well, the rest of us did not believe her. We continued to play until another one of us saw the mouse. We freaked. And of course, were laughing hysterically what with all the alcohol we’d consumed thus far. Ultimately we decided to rescue this poor mouse that was trapped in the house. We tried to chase it out the back door but instead it went into the bathroom and behind the water heater. Now, a normal person would probably either leave it alone all together or get it out with a broom. But what would 3 intoxicated girls do? Well, they would take an aerosol can and spray it out of course! Do you want to guess what happened? Yeah, there was a little bit of an explosion. And we took off out of the house. I should also mention that the 3 of us were playing strip poker so we ran out of the house with our clothes in our hand and scrambling to put them back on. We had to call Ashley’s dad to drive over from the main house to come help us with the house. Yes, this is what 3 city girls do in the country over a long weekend. And trust me, there were more amusing stories that went on this weekend too!

How did your hubby pop the question?
Instead of typing it all out, I’m going to send you OUR WEDDING WEBSITE.

Where do you love to go shopping at and what is your favorite thing to shop for? What is your favorite pair of shoes and why?
My absolute favorite things to shop for are cute accessories and fabulous shoes! Because really, you can change any outfit with the right accessories and shoes! I usually find Dillard’s has the cutest pumps – I actually found THE most spectacular pair of shoes there this weekend and spent several weeks worth of my budget on two perfectly adorable pairs of Gianni Bini’s! One of which is my new current favorite pair that I own. But I don’t have a picture to post. I will though. Just wait til you see them. They were made just for me, I knew it as soon as the salesmen slipped it on my foot. It was fate.

What is your favorite restaurant to eat out at? Why?
This is an easy one…The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue place in Houston. The dinner takes a few hours and you are in an intimate setting and feel like you are the only one’s in the restuarant. Perfect for a nice dinner with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other. Although, every time I go there, I have to unbutton my pants after leaving because their food is too good and I just can’t stop! :)

If you could have one super power (invisible, fly, stretchy) what would it be and why?
Hmmm…I would have to say I’d like to fly. And avoid rush hour traffic. Or I would just take Peter’s superpower on Heroes and be able to absorb everyone’s super power and that way, I could have them all!

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Pay off my house, invest the rest of it and stay home with my kids. Well, that and buy a lot of cute shoes and take several fabulous vacations!

How did you and your hubby meet?
Well, we are High School Sweethearts. We started dating during our senior year and were introduced via mutual friends. And we were voted “Cutest Couple” of the entire senior class – we even got a trophy for it at prom with our names on it and everything that currently still sits on our bookshelves in the office.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Italy. Being half Italian, it’s where my heart most desires to go.

Tell me about your pool – did you put it in yourselves? Are pools common in your area?
Our pool is my favorite thing about our house. And it’s unique because it has 2 waterfalls which I love! Yes, we had it built specifically for us – and let me tell you, that process was a royal pain in the behind! I’m tempted to say I’d never do it again, but I know I would. It was very worth it. And yes, pools are very common down here in Texas. You can use them over half the year!

If you were stranded on a desert island for a week, what 3 things would you HAVE to have with you?? Only 3!
Well, assuming there is food, and of course, water….then I would say 3 things would be:
1. My husband – because I am not good doing nature things (finding food, making fire, etc) and I get scared alone in the dark
2. A Good Book – for when I’m working on my tan
3. Internet – so I can blog about all that Tim is doing and how fabulous my tan is 😉

On a scale from one to ten (one being awful and ten being perfect), how would you rate you childhood?
I would rate it a 10. As a child, I had (and still have) a lot of family around and had siblings to play with. I had friends who lived on our street and was always outside playing with them or spending weeks in the summers at Nana’s house. I love my childhood. I had everything I could have ever wanted.

What do you and your husband fight about?
Actually, as we’ve grown older we fight a lot less. Most of the time now it’s if he’s said something in a tone and I take extra offense to it. It’s just mainly a lot of silly stuff. Everything gets resolved immediately though. I’d say we just argue about typical stuff but we’re really good about calling each other out on things now and realizing that it’s just not worth arguing over.

Are your parents still married?
Yes, for over 30 years.

How do you feel about Britney Spears?
I feel sorry for her. And while I’ve never been a huge fan of hers, I do hope she makes a comeback and blows everyone away.

What is your ideal vacation?
Definitely tropical. I love beach towns – like Destin or Key West. They are so laid back and just have a great feeling about them. I love go from bar to bar down the coast, watch the waves, have a beer and a few oysters. I love the scenry. I love the ocean. I love the atomosphere. Anywhere by a beach and I am the happiest girl in the world.

I know you have a close relationship with your mother, has this always been the case?
When I was little my mom was always more of a “mom” than a “friend”. She was strict with us and of course, I had a smart mouth on me. But I could never stand when she was mad at me and it would always bother me. She always had that effect on me. I always wanted her opinions and valued what she had to say. Obviously, as I’ve gotten older, I have a much better appreciation and respect of why she did what she did and now she is my best friend. I can honestly say, she knows everything about me, the good, the bad and the very sad. She knows it ALL. She will always be my closest friend.

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for Tim, kind of a “just because”?
If you asked him, he would probably tell you it was buying him the first XBOX years ago. He hadn’t been expecting it I don’t think. But if you ask me, I cannot pin point one particular thing. I did collect all of our ticket stubs, receipts, coke bottle caps, etc during the first 2 years we were dating and made it into a really great scrapbook for him. I did make him cards, calendars and whatever else you could think of on the computer. I did all those girly things. All the things I would think were romantic but maybe not to a guy. Let’s just say the boy has been spoiled the past 10 years and leave it at that. I don’t know how much more I could tell you without getting in trouble from my mom (who reads this blog). Wink, wink 😉

What do you enjoy more – reading a good book by the beach or tracking hurricanes?
Oh Laura! How well you do know me :) I’m a sucker for hurricane season – not because of the death and devastation part, but because I find the storms themselves so powerful and fascinating. I do track them with a hurricane tracker. I sometimes wonder if I’m in the wrong line of work. Because tracking the storms is one of my favorite things to do. Usually I’ll send out updates to my friends – who think I’m nuts. I can’t really pick one or the other. Because reading a book by the beach is so calm and refreshing and tracking storms for me is so intense and full of wonder. So they are two different emotions. However, today I would pick reading a good book by the beach (but there are also no storms to track today!).


  1. Wow! These were great! I really learned a lot about you that I didn’t know. :)

  2. I totally remember you and Tim being cutest couple!! Dont yall have your pic in the yearbook too?!?! lol Very good amswer though! Always learning something new! (didnt know about hurricanes);)

  3. Love the engagement story…so sweet!
    and I laughed out loud at the mouse-story. What IS it with mouse-catching and aerosol sprays (did you read my past mouse story?) LOL. Too funny.

  4. Those were great questions and great answers!
    I too married my high school sweetheart. :)

  5. Okay, the mouse story is pretty dang funny! And, LOL at the “can’t tell you because my mom reads this!” And, who knew about the hurricanes. That’s pretty funny!

  6. I love that you have your own “wedding story” site! I’m jealous!!!

  7. Fairly new to your great blog, not sure if I ever left a comment though. Destin & Key West are 2 of my favs as well. Got married in Key West and just got back from a Sandestin vacation!!

  8. wow! that was one big ole part two!! it must have taken you forever to do all those answers!!

    i learned a ton about you :)

  9. always fun learning more. And you guys have a wedding website!? Toooo cuute!

  10. What a cool post, I love reading random things about people :)

  11. Cool answers! I feel like I know you better! I love tropical, too!

  12. I so agree with the others, have learned alot about you here. I do love the drunken story

  13. You and I need to hit the Melting Pot sometime. I enjoyed it, but hubby hates it. And, I love that like us, you were high school sweeties.

  14. Great info! Do you already have your emergency preparedness kit ready??? I only have bottled water. And now with a one year old, I am a bit more freaked out than I have ever been before about having to evacuate!

  15. Lots of vacations? GREAT idea. And the wedding website? Oh yeah, now that’s cute alright – newlyweds for 1458 days! :)

  16. Too funny! I never knew you were a hurricane tracker :)
    BTW, I LOVE the Melting Pot, too! We go there all the time for date night.

  17. Ha Ha, Oh my goodness you are so darn cute. I loved all your answers and I had no idea you were the city girl that did those country things. Too funny. I couldn’t help but ask about the hurricanes.

    It is the season! AWESOME. I still want to see a picture of this tracker you talk about.

    It is also very awesome that you and your Mom are so close. I wish I had that growing up but we are close now. I think my boy and girl are a lot like you are with your family.

    Missin those lil guys!

    Luv ya!

  18. TOO funny….so since it is Huricane season and I live IN Savannah GA….JUST email ME anytime you are tracking storms…please please feel free!

    I hate Huricane season so so so very much. We actually are 2 hours from Florida!

  19. Hey, check out my blog. There is something there for ya. :)

  20. Oh I just puffy heart the melting pot too!!

    Yummy, now I have this total craving for some melted cheese!

    How fun are your answers to the questions and thanks a bunch, now I feel like I know you even more! :)

  21. Check out my blog …. there is something there for you! :)

  22. Wow, I love the wedding website…and the proposal! I think I love your pool too:)

  23. I love these little “speed dating” sessions.
    I learned so much about you.
    I love your answers.
    Did this take a week to complete?
    I. am. impressed.
    I too track hurricanes.
    I am glad to know I am not the only one.
    We both live in “target” states.
    Really… we have to know!

  24. It must have taken you forever to do all those answers!!

  25. I can’t even tell you the love I have shopping for shoes. The only hassle is trying to find out where to put them all.

  26. What a cute idea! We have all learned so much more about you from this, thank you for sharing!!!


  27. Oh man, I was just WAITING for you to see that picture. I was laughing the entire time I was doing it and now I want to do a picture with all my favorite little blogging buddies. Too fun.

  28. What a great getting to know you session. Love the scrapbooking ticket stubs, receipt, bottle tops, etc.. I used to do that too. And aren’t kiddie shoes the best to shop for?

  29. Hurricane tracker, huh? Ys learn somethin’ new everyday. Loved your stories, you paint a very clear picture…especially the mouse story. Loved it!

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