Day #518

We went to check on Karys last night before we got in bed.
This is what we found…


  1. Too funny! She was just getting comfy!

  2. omg honey adorable!!

    and on a side note…the crib is beautiful!!

    another side note…is that a full on blanket she is sleeping with?? i want beans to sleep with one but not sure how soon i can introduce it??

    seriously adorable pictures :)

  3. How could that be comfortable hey! So cute :)

  4. Aunt Melissa says:

    She just cracks me up! but that is so Karys…doing her own thing, even when sleeping! :)

  5. So cute! They really do wiggle around a lot don’t they?

    Isabelle was sleeping along her pillow on night. What’s the point of the bed if she only wants a pillow?

  6. That’s how I sleep too :)

  7. HOW cute!!!! Great Pictures!

  8. That is hilarious!! So sweet!
    (we used to that move in Martinettes..right?!?! lol)

  9. looks like an awesome yoga position or something. too funny.

  10. That is just too funny!

  11. oh that is hilarious! Isn’t it funny the way they sleep sometimes? chicken undresses himself half way so he has a shirt “sash” by the time I go in to check on him. HA!

  12. I love it! The positions kids sleep in–hilarious!

  13. She’s so adorable. So funny the positions kids’ll sleep in.

  14. How can that be comfortable?
    How would I know…I can’t remember being that small.
    She. is. adorable.

  15. That is too cute!

  16. YOU ARE SO BRAVE to take a shot! If I had done that, my guy would be instantly up. OY.

    What a doll!

  17. Can you imagine the crick we’d get for sleeping like that? And, I’m with MG. Mine would wake up.

  18. So sweet! I love pictures of babies sleeping :)

  19. Too cute!!

  20. she looks like a little monkey :) she is adorable!!!

  21. I love it!! Too cute!!

    Morgan? Has the same crib. Well, same style–it is a lighter wood.

    Morgan? Has thethe same laundry hamper thingie.

    Morgan? Has the same blanket.

    Damn we’re good, huh?

  22. It is so funny the way they sleep sometimes! Great shot:)

  23. Awe.

    Just in awe. Cute sleep.

  24. I would be so sore the next morning if I slept like that! Kids amaze me!

  25. good photo.

  26. what a sweet little monkey. :)

  27. Whatever works, right? So cute!!!

  28. LOL! This is the cutest! It always amazes me the positions that the little ones find comfortable

  29. LOL That looks like how I sleep.

  30. I think she’s gonna like yoga someday… just a prediction.

    That’s really funny!

  31. That’s classic. What a cutie!

  32. Sleeping Beauty catching up on a little shut eye!

  33. Oh my gosh. She’s darling. In any position. :)

  34. Ha, I love it! She is so darn cute..but you already knew that!

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