Flights All Around!

Well, I am starting to feel like a well seasoned traveler here!

Today I booked not one, but TWO flights!

I will be flying to Ohio next weekend to spend a fun weekend with the girls. Many, many thanks to Frequent Flyer miles & a free place to stay or else I totally could not go. But a FREE TRIP? Hell yeah!

We also got our tickets to go to Arizona over Labor Day to visit Tim’s Dad & Step-Mom for a nice, long holiday weekend.

Then, soon we’ll be booking yet another ticket to New Orleans in November as well!

And, I keep seeing everyone else’s beach pictures and getting really jealous so we are FINALLY going back to the beach for a long weekend in a few weeks. Yay!

So many fun things are coming up!


  1. Oh wow, you’re going to have a blast! Be good, stay cool and enjoy the beach!

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  3. Lots of fun trips/travels and vacations coming up. I’m sure you will enjoy every last one of them!

  4. Travel plans… how very exciting!

    Sounds like a busy summer!

    And a fun one!

  5. Ohhh..sounds like llots of fun ahead! Yeah..who could pass on a free go girl!!

  6. Don’t you just love to book is so much fun. I have purchased my tixs to Jamaica and I can not wait.

    I may be in Arizona for Labor Day weekend. My lil sis is going out and so the kids and I may join up with them…I am just working the budget. :-)

    OHIO~sounds fun! Nellie has been pushing me to go visit someone out there~she’ll give you details I am sure.

  7. Sounds like fun :) I love to plan trips!!

  8. So since I leave in AZ, I might have to ask you what part you are going to??

    Sounds like lots of fun, and happy traveling! :)

  9. My goodness. I don’t ever go anywhere! You’re a seasoned traveler.

  10. WoW! room for a stow-a-way? *wink*

  11. yippeee!!

    and yeah for summer travel :)

  12. You go girl! Have fun:)

  13. awesome – have safe trips, and I just have to say that top picture of your little girl is just too cute for words…


  14. I’m trying not to be envious of all your travel fun but – HOLY COW! I totally am! Have fun on all your adventures :)

  15. Well. Must. be. nice. 😉 I have jury duty in a couple of weeks. Can you top that? Have fun!

  16. no wonder you have so many miles saved up! you go everywhere!! I know you will have a BLAST in Ohio with the girls!!! and it makes it EXTRA nice to have a free trip! wait a sec…. is this your first time to fly alone?!?!?!

  17. OOO that sounds exciting! Take lots of great pictures!!!! OHIO hmmmm what I love about Ohio…Longaberger! HEHEH Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!

  18. YAYNESS! A fun summer, is a busy summer. I wonder WHERE in Ohio. We moved here from Columbus. Have a fun time – we know you will.

  19. Ooooh, so much fun! I want to go to the beach so bad…but at this point, they’d call in the coast guard for my beached whale self! ;oD

  20. OOH, so many fun trips planned! I am jealous! LOL

  21. A girls weekend!!! I am so jealous! I need to get my girls trip planned!

  22. Oh, you are going to have such a great time. Enjoy and please take lots of pics.

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