Little Monkey

Moneky See, Monkey Do…

Karys saw Tim doing push ups the other night and when he got up to take a break, she thought she would get in a little workout herself!


  1. Seriously… too cute!
    I can already see the definiton in her arms.(lol)
    Maybe she will motivate me.

    I hope you are feeling better today!!!

  2. she is so funny!! trying to be just like her Daddy :) that is too cute!! I love her!!! she is just too cute for words!!

    ps – adorable PJ’s!!

  3. Good, this way she will be strong enough to beat up the boys!
    ps. Do those things really work?

  4. Very cute!

    Today is a bit better. Husband was out of town until tonight…but he called to tell me how wonderful I am…duh! The playgroup was never ending, but at least it’s over:P

  5. Soooo sweet! I love it!

  6. Awww..I love her pj’s!!

  7. She is such a lil I dislike those things…maybe she can sit in for me when ROY makes me do them.

    How are you lady???

  8. That is hilarious! I love when kids emulate their parents! My friend’s 2 year old daughter does squats with her. LOL

  9. Too funny! Izzy loves to play with Matt’s perfect push ups, too!

  10. OMG!!!, can she get any cuter? my little ANGEL, I love that little girl more than anything! She wants to be just like daddy…how sweet!

  11. So cute:)

  12. That’s exactly how I work out too! I feel that if I at least pretend to exercise my brain will think I am and drop those pounds!

  13. Too funny!! My girls like to “workout” with Daddy too! They might like to workout with Mommy, if Mommy actually did it!

  14. Thats hilarious. My kiddos love to exercise too. Nolan is the drill Sargent of the group.
    Aren’t little people the greatest?

  15. wow honey look at her muscles!!

    adorable friend :)

  16. Anya totally has those pj’s too!!

    And seriously friend, how cute is she trying to be big and strong like her daddy?

    Love it!

  17. Such a cutie!

  18. Seriously so so so sweet.

  19. says:

    She’s such a cutie patootie S. I hope you have a great time in Ohio. Have fun!

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