Mission Accomplished

My daughter is officially a “Girly Girl”.

She loves to wear pearls & dresses.

She loves to wear sparkly bracelets.

Each day she checks to make sure I am wearing my earrings.

She loves her doll and feeds her, kisses her and hugs her.

She gets excited when she sees shoes.
She knows the difference between a stiletto and a flat.

When we leave the house, she has purse and phone in hand.

Apparently it is stressful being so cute…


  1. OMG!!! that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! she is ADORABLE!!! What an ANGEL!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Im seriously “AOL!” How sweet! Love it – she is a true fashionista :)


  3. Oh my goodness…mommy has trained her well!

  4. SO your blog pops up and I am almost BLINDED by all the CUTENESS of YOUR girly girl on the SCREEN!

    SOOOOO sweet and I love it it GIRLY THINGS!!!! Instead of bows and pearls….Frogs, Lizards and HOT WHEELS! I would not trade it for the world though!!!!!

  5. That is so cute! What a doll!

    You should go sign this up for the PhotoStory Friday! It is perfect! :)

  6. she is adorable. Dang household of boys I have… I’ll never get this.


  7. What a doll! Perfect pictures.

  8. Aww, girl things are so much cutier than boy things!

  9. honey congratulations on your mission!! she really is just too sweet :)

    and i love that she leaves the house prepared!!

  10. She is so darling!! What a little angel.
    i love that she checks to make sure you’re wearing your earrings! Atta girl!

  11. I’m impressed that Karys will wear a bow. Presley pulls hers out constantly.

  12. So cute! She reminds me of my Punky. She’s not much into dressing up yet, but she loves her baby doll and “changing diapers” and such. It’s just adorable.

  13. Way to go, you have trained her well!

  14. she is darling! what a doll she is!

  15. Oh my gosh..how adorable!!! She is your daughter FOR SURE!! lol I wanted a girl so bad, that I am completly convinced I would have had the biggest tombday EVER! I wouldnt change having a little boy for anything now, but maybe a little girl one day would work..hmmmm!!! 😉 She is too precious!!

  16. How adorable, only if I had a little girl.

  17. She is a true FASHIONISTA!!! Love it!! And it makes me want a daughter soooo bad!!!

  18. She is just plain adorable.

    The phone is hand is just plain too cute! :)

    What a cutie pie you have on your hands!

  19. How cute is she?!?! And against my wishes, it seems all my girls are turning girly too! Not sure what to do about that being as I was such the tomboy growing up!

  20. OMG!!!…she is my sweet ANGEL, she keeps you laughing not to mention and on your toes…she does actually check to see if you have earings on, she will move your face from side to side to see if you have any on and than she puts her hands on her earings, so adorabe. I just love her!

  21. It’s a proud moment! The Girly-Girl has ARRIVED~!

    Utterly adorable. :-)

  22. She is gorgeous. And those shots are absolutely perfect.

    I love J . . . but maybe he needs a little sister. Or a girlfriend. He can have one of those at 11 months, right?

  23. What a cute little one! I have a real girly girl here as well. I keep wondering how that happened:)

  24. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    You were so right. You done good, Momma.

  25. Oh she is cute, girly girls can be great fun. Nothing better than watching them dress up in there “pretties”

  26. I know you must know this already,but dayam, that girl is just precious.

  27. My kind of girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She knows the difference between a stiletto and a flat

    THAT is seriously awesome.

  28. what an adorable little girly girl.

  29. she is SO cute! If you ever need someone to babysit… I’m there!!!

    I won’t have a clue what to do with her hair… and I’ll be at a total loss in the jewelry dept. and make-up… but I’m good for a cute pair of new shoes FOR SURE!!!

  30. She is simply adorable!

  31. I love it. what cute photos.
    I worried about my daughter for the longest time but she is now officially a girly-girl and i love it!

  32. I have a little sugar and spice envy here. Wanna trade my “snips and snails and puppy dog tails?”


  33. Oh yeah, the cuteness definitely overloweth. I just wanna smooch her cheeks in that last shot. SO cute Stephanie.

  34. I love this!! She’s so adorable :)

  35. How cute is she?

    And really you have trained her will.

    She gets excited when she sees shoes?

    Me Too!

  36. I think the battle has been lost on this one. I better regroup and rethink my stategy for the next one!!

  37. Too cute…Lauren has her moments..some days she wants to wear her dresses…other days she’ll be playing outside with the boys getting all dirty and playing basketball.

    She is so much like her Mommy!

  38. I can not believe how wonderfully talented you are with that camera!
    Great pics Steph!
    and it always helps to have an ubber precious little girl to take pics of!

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