Our Friday Nights…

What Happens After The Little One Goes To Bed

Heath & Melissa came over and we broke out the wedding stemware as the four of us enjoyed 2 lovely bottles of champagne, some sweet strawberries, some fine wine and some excellent company!


  1. Yum!!! Champagne and strawberries…delicious!
    We’ve yet to use our wedding stemware (might have to do with it being in boxes and then two pregnancies!!)

    BTW, just the glimpse of the table looks great!

  2. Those are the best nights!!

    What is up with all those light switches on the wall???


  3. Oh that looks and sounds like such fun!!!!

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    Yummy. I haven’t busted those out in a while – the kid broke two stems when he learned to pull up. They are somewhere full of cobwebs and dust.

  5. What a great night! That’s how I’d like my Friday to go.

  6. Too funny…Travis and I were just talking about the china and fancy stemware we got for our wedding. He insists that it was a waste of a gift and money for those people. I keep telling him someday we will use it! :o)

    Your friday night sounds like FUN! Champagne is my FAV!

  7. One day my Friday night will look like this again. Of course that will mean I’m not nursing so I won’t be able to eat 20 chocolate bars a day (I’m not sure what will be better).

  8. what a perfectly yummy night :)

    and it reminds me that i need to go look for our fancy dishes!!

  9. Oooo!!! How fun!

  10. Is that your lipgloss on the table?? You really don’t make a move without it! haha

  11. Yes, that sounds like an absolutely PERFECT Friday night!!!

  12. Yay for Friday nights!
    What Karys doesn’t know won’t hurt her!
    I am laughing at the lipgloss tube too… a woman after my own heart!

  13. The last time I got our stems out I ended up needing stitches in my hand!

    LOVELY time!

  14. Sounds like the perfect evening to me!!

    How fun!!

  15. OOO sounds like FUN! Great PICTURE!

  16. That’s my kind of Friday night!!

  17. Yummy that looks so good! I have been dying to break out my new wine glasses from my wedding shower…maybe I will this weekend. You’ve inspired me!

  18. Wow, sounds like a great night!

  19. Cheers, but where are all those pictures of you all after the wine and strawberries were ingested? You’ll have to email those to me privately. LOL

    Hey Lalo may have a date to become your ‘other’ friends over for wine and dinner. *wink* lol

  20. I meant Champagne! Bleh, I’ve been ill the past couple days…still not feeling 100%. I think my genius idea to date all these guys at once is killing me! lol

  21. Why wasn’t I invited??!! Sounds like a pleasant evening!


  22. yum! Champagne! Cheers!

  23. Mmm champagne and wine, hope you all have fun

  24. mmmmm…. a chocolate fondue pot and a foot massager is all I see missing… and a few more favorite wines – Chateau St. Michelle Reisling or Gewurtztrameiner, or Bonny Doon Muscat Vin de Glacier, if you like a really sweet dessert wine.

    beautiful stemware (we have the same set)…


  25. That sounds divine!!

    Came over to your blog from Steph’s place (Daily Grind), although I know I’ve been here before… Congrats on your award from her!

  26. Oh, that sounds like such fun:)

  27. I LOVE nights like that!!!

  28. Even though I’m a week late in posted a comment..lol..looks like a great night! I’ve been crazy busy (and you must be too..no posts in almost a week!!) Hope you had a great 4th!!

  29. My favorite kind of nights. Yummm!

  30. looks like you had a fabulous night. Good for you.

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