A Bit of Randomness

I know I have not been around much. And luckily, during my hiatus with Edward, not much has been going on anyway.

But just so you have it, here is the uninteresting scoop:

~ Finished Twilight Series and restarted them. I now have about 9 or 10 people that I have gotten to read these books. They are amazing and can captivate even the smallest of readers. Read them! You will NOT be disappointed.

~ Had dinner with blog friends Holly & Amy last week. It was really great to meet Amy and Holly is always a pleasure to hook up with.

~ We leave for Arizona this Friday for an extended weekend. We won’t return until Tuesday and we’re hoping the 2 hour time difference does not throw Karys off too much. She seems to adapt well to most situations so we’re crossing our fingers that this will be good too! We’re excited about visiting Tim’s dad & step-mom so they can see how much Karys has grown and changed!

~ We converted our formal living into a playroom for Karys and my anal self feels much better about controlling the destruction that is my child’s toys to one room instead of all of the downstairs. I can breath a bit easier now.

~ I have been really excited for Fall to be here next month. I keep looking at the calendar in anticipation to bring out all the decor from the attic. I’ve got about a month to go.

~ Our 10 year dating anniversary is only a month away (a decade people!) and I think we’re going to take a nice, long romantic weekend in San Antonio and have my mom keep Miss Karys.

~ We’ve been test driving new cars and I am very excited as we get closer to making a decision!

~ I’m also angling for the new Coach that came out. I feel in love at first sight. I mean, everyone needs a new purse for Fall right?? I’m thinking this purse has to be mine…it’s just a feeling though at this point.

~ And I have a promise to start blogging more again. I’m still reading but I feel that I can better manage my time since this is my second time around with the series.

That’s pretty much all I have. See? Nothing too terribly interesting.


  1. Nothing interesting? You have (and will continue to be) so busy! A new car? Possibly a new Coach? Edward? LOL Sounds awesome to me. :-)

  2. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

    I’m dreading the day we have to go car shopping, because I know we will need something bigger.

    And, I told Matt what you said about the Twilight series and he asked if he needed to read it too for full “effect”!

  3. I went this weekend to try and start the Twilight Series..I cant find the first one…WTF. I’m going to look again this week, and then I’m jumping on the band wagon!!
    Welcome back by the way!!
    A new car..how exciting!!! Cant wait to find out what you get! I work at the Toyota dealership here in Katy dont forget!!
    I cant wait for fall either…so exciting!! Now that schools back in the rest of the year just flies by!!
    Anyways, I’m jealous you got to meet up with bloggy friends..one day maybe I’ll be brave enough to try that!!
    Have a great week and trip!!!

  4. OMGness…your life is quite a bore. LOL..New car, new purse, new playroom, trip to Arizona. So hard to be so dull.

    My sister is going to Phoenix to see my other sister. I am jealous. I want to go. I am sure Karys will do just fine.

    Yes, you need to blog more and then meet with a current BLOG friend. It is Nellie’s birthday week so maybe I’ll run into you somehow.


  5. uhm totally not waiting another month. i have finally broken the husband and he has agreed…

    fall stuff can come out sept 1st!!

    yipppeee :)

  6. How many books are in the series? You read them all fast!

  7. Holly is sending me Twilight and I can’t wait to get it!! Then I’ll hit the library and get the others 😉

    It all sounds like fun to me. Congrats on the anniversary! We’ll be in S.A. at the beginning of Oct. to take Monkey to the zoo for a belated 2nd b-day present! 😉

    good luck with the purse and all the rest!
    Smooches doll.

  8. Exciting! New purse, new car, playroom, etc. You needs to post pics of these things! :)

  9. Wow, a lot of updates…I know I haven’t been blogging either…crazy busy :) Anyways, I have to check out these books next time I’m at the bookstore :)

  10. A blog friend sent me first book in the series. I just started it about 20 minutes ago and I’m already itching to go back to it.

    New car. Trip to visit the fam. A trip with just the husband.

    I’m jealous.


  11. Sounds very interesting to me! You’ve been busy!

    I love fall too. I love putting up my fall leaves and pumpkins and stuff, but this year I’m also sad to see summer go. :(

  12. Yeah! Welcome back! You were missed. I love that you celebrate your dating anniversary. Too cute.

  13. Love your randomness!
    Love Edward.
    Love blog friends.
    Extended weekend?
    Love playrooms.
    Love fall.
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Love new cars.
    Love the new Coach.
    Must. have. one.
    Please oh please…keep your promise!
    I have missed you!

  14. I have enjoyed reading your blog though I have never left a comment…I don’t think! Anyway, glad that you are back.

  15. Love the randomness! Sometimes the best way to get to know people!

    Have a great weekend in AZ. Wish you were headed to the opposite side to the state!


  16. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    You posted! Woo hoo. And, I busted into Rachel’s pkg to get my hands on Twilight yesterday before I didn’t have any copies (loaned one to SIL)…so I’m rereading, too.

  17. wandered here from another blog and HAD TO COMMENT when I saw the Twilight convo! My girlfriends and I started reading them about a month ago and I am loving it! Eclipse is sitting at home waiting for me to read it!
    I’ll be back-
    Great blog!

  18. You are so funny! Loved meeting you and Holly and chatting about Twilight and everything else.
    Maybe the purse can be the dating anniversary present now?

  19. I plan to start the Twilight Series in about 2 weeks with Cara and “The Cross Country Book Club” we made up, haha. Im reading Jim Butchers, “The Dresden Files”, right now :)

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