Meet Edward Cullen…

Allow me to introduce to you the person that has been stealing all my time away from my blog….
His name is Edward Cullen.
He is from the Twilight Saga/Series written by Stephenie Meyer.
He also sort of happens to be a vampire.
And once you start him, you cannot stop him.
Not that Tim is complaining in the least 😉
I will start blogging more often soon, but I cannot just yet.
Because I sort of started the series over again…sigh….I know, I know!
I just can’t quit him yet.
So just give me a little more time…

I promise I will be back soon.


  1. I still haven’t gotten on board yet. I’m afraid to. Everyone seems obsessed with it. 😉
    Have fun!

  2. I started twilight last night…I was so tired I only got to page 15 but I will get into it soon!

  3. so i guess next time i am at target i am going to have to pick him up huh?

    and even though i miss you, i totally understand :)

  4. I just don’t know….everybody is so intoxicated with this. I already have weird dreams (blame the baby), I don’t know if I could do vampires!!!

    But, you are really tempting me.

  5. My friend, Natalie is reading these now too. I might just have to jump sounds pretty interesting!
    Enjoy your time with “him”, but hurry back..we sure miss ya!

  6. You are TOO easy!


  7. Vampire lover eh? LOL You are too silly! We miss your posts but understand you need some YOU time!

    I can’t even get started with this right now…it is back to school time!

    Love ya!

  8. You are so funny! And to have seen the obsession firsthand…
    It was great meeting you the other night! And I definitely think we need to go see this movie together!

  9. No…you can’t have him!
    He is mine!!!
    I am beyond jealous that you have read the whole series and I am just starting on book 3.
    I can hardly wait to finish.
    Maybe I will shut down for a week and just read!

  10. I’m still taking the Henry Cavill head and putting him on Pattison’s body. That makes it all the yummier.

    Long live our Twilight obsession. And, Tim’s smile when you scream Edward.

  11. he is SO HOT!!! I cant wait to start the series… it obviously won hands down on my blog today!! haha – I might fight you for him… maybe I will have him bite me so we can live forever and ever… hahaha

  12. Girl, take all the time you need. Enjoy him, err it.

  13. So, you have me, Rach and Cara all starting it now! lol Thanks alot..I owe all of my current book obsessions on you right now! 😉 (I still want to read Tori did you end up liking that one!?!?)

  14. Thanks for telling me about it. I am almost done with book 2. I have been so tired after going back to work this week but I just have to read some before bed. I LOVE it!

  15. It’s about time that you updated!

  16. Good lord, woman! Drop that book and get back on here! You’re missed!

  17. I JUST FINSIHED THE ENTIRE FOUR BOOKS IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS! I ordered them because I never bothered with them but then MY all MEMBERS of my book club swooned over the books so much with the Breaking Dawn coming out that I ORDRED THEM AND YES I WAS ADDICTED TO EDWARD LIKE an ADDICTED to their poison. OOOO I LOVE EDWARD too! Bella is ok but EDWARD!!! heheh heheh What did you think about Breaking Dawn?????

  18. I love that broading angst! Oh to be a teen again.

  19. I KNEW It! LOL I am about to reread the series again myself…heh hehe…

  20. Hey! I haven’t been around in a while, but I stopped by and saw that you read the Twilight Series and I have to say I LOVE these books too! I am going to reread them too, when I get them back from my sister!!! lol I cannot wait for the movie in November!!

  21. I finally got hooked on this…this morning while at Traffic Court…almost half way through it in just a couple hours and looking forward to getting off of work to see how much more I can get into!! LOL

    LOVE IT!!

    Team Edward!

  22. Im having the same Edward issues…
    I love these books!!!!

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