An Offer We Could Not Refuse

They made us an offer we could not refuse.

And so we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our little family.

~ Acura TL ~

Hubby is happy because he got the payments he wanted.

I am happy because I got all my fun features and a talking car.

Karys is happy because there are lots of fun buttons to push.


  1. Hey honey, what a great husband you have! I absolutely love that car and all the fancy buttons but I really like that camera, how awsome!!!….lucky lady….I see my angel.

  2. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Howdy, Acura TL!!!

    You look great driving it!

  4. What a perfect match to the family!!! I love the last pic with Karys’ little face in the back!!

  5. Congrats….that ROCKS!!!!

  6. Nice ride! So, you got rid of the gas guzzler?

  7. You make that car!
    I have an MDX and LOVE it, Acura is great!!

  8. whew whew!

    is that how you spell a whistle??

    u look good friend!!

    and the little love in the back seat – even cuter :)

  9. Wow, congrats! That’s one snazzy ride! Beats my old mini-van any day!

  10. Wow! Nice ride. Lucky girl! :)

  11. Sweet ride!!!

  12. OMG!! I LOVE IT!!!! and I think its adorable how Karys is smiling in the back seat!!! she is too cute – thats a NICE car!!! I cant wait to go for a ride in it!!!

  13. Yay.

    It looks really good on. VERY nice.

  14. oh pretty! And I read your other post… yea… I just started reading Twilight and my blog has been suffereing. I am almost done with “New Moon” and I think it is totally better then TWilight. How far are you?

  15. Beautiful car!!

  16. Be sure and watch out for those walls on the side of the garage when backing out….HA!!

  17. Oooo. It is so pretty!!

  18. says:

    Sexay, Momma! Did you trade in the big car?

  19. Very niiiiiiiice.

  20. HAHA! You know I am cracking up based on our dinner conversation. Love the new car, have fun with it!

  21. Very nice!! Karys in the backseat smiling is ADORABLE :)

  22. LOVE IT! I want one!
    I think it looks good on ya!
    I totally just typed that like a ding dong…
    I think you look good in it!

    Ahhh Goodness, send me to the looney bin!

  23. Beautiful!! You and the car!

    So pretty honey, seriously! :)

    Congrats to you!!

  24. Congratulations!! It is beautiful and look how darling you look in it!! Woo Hoo!!!

  25. Oooh la la! You look perfect in it! NICE car!

  26. Nice ride…I love it!!!

  27. Congrats.. cool car.

  28. Sweet!

  29. I’m totally jealous. I love it :)

  30. oooh! Hot! With a capital “H”!

  31. Love the car! Very pretty.

  32. Well look at that fancy new car. That is really exciting chica. You will have to send me your email so that I can add you to my blog :)
    Love seeing recent pics of the family and how your little one is doing. MUAH!

  33. {Meep Meep} Ahh, new car smell…suuweet!

    I am sure I’ll see the new wheels tomorrow!

    Congrats on the new edition!

  34. What!
    No minivan?
    I totally had you pegged for the MV type!
    I tease!
    It looks really good on you!
    Love seeing Karys sweet face in the back seat!

  35. Awesome car!

  36. Woohoo! Pretty new car!! I always drool over the TL’s when I see them.

    Patrick and I are actually car shopping right now, but it is making my brain hurt. I’m HORRIBLE at making decisions, so we will probably just end up keeping what we’ve got. Haha!

  37. Hey Stephaniie! I just started this whole blogging thing, and I ran across your page.

    Super nice car!! Little Karys looks so adorable in the back too.

    Hope everything is going well for you, it sure looks like it!!

    Laura (Turner)

  38. New Cars Rawk! I prefer Trucks though, you get to look down on people. J/k lol (look at me use all the hip texting lingo)

    I don’t think I want a talking car. I probably would not like what it had to say. I have enough people who can tell me when I miss a turn, go too fast, go too slow etc.

  39. Nice ride! I assume it is brand new? Looks like it is.

    Just a tad better than our old clunkers. So one of the doors doesn’t open on our Civic and it leaks a bit when it rains. It just adds character, right? Still runs! That, and just the word “payment” scares the jeepers out of me!

    You are one lucky mama!

  40. Tap. Tap. Popping in to see how you guys are doing. 😉 Hope all is well Stephanie.

  41. That is one sexy car, I do love the acura. What a fun ride.

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