Rainy Days & Naptime

A perk of living in Houston?

Hurricane Season.

More specifically that perk would be Tropical Storm Edouard.

My work? Cancelled.

Hubby’s work? Cancelled.

It was just the three of us: Daddy, Momma and Baby.

And it was quite the perfect romantic, lazy, rainy day.

And I can’t complain about naptime either 😉


  1. Good for you!!
    Glad yall had a great day!

  2. So jealous! Nobody in my family had the day off!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! For hurricanes!!!

  4. I am so jealous – I want a hurricane day!!

  5. 3 Cheers for hurricanes! Yahoo!! Enjoy y’all’s time together hon.

  6. Yay! I hardly ever get time off, because I work@home…

    At least when there are power outs, I can’t be online…

    Have a great day!!!


  7. That is so crazy that everyone’s work got cancelled! Up here in Missouri, it’s hard to fathom something like that.

  8. Not bad at all!

  9. I’m glad y’all had such a great day yesterday. I have to admit, I was so happy to be off and to sleep in!

  10. I feel the same way about snow days but I really don’t like the hard work of snow removal. Maybe I should move to Houston.

  11. I live in Bryan/College Station, Tx and we got alot of rain from Edouard…but we needed it so bad too, it was sooooo dry!

  12. Yay for the break. I really wish I’d been there. And, I’m glad you enjoyed naptime.

  13. You and AFF are the only two people I’ve ever heard being thankful for hurricanes. 😉

    It does sound like a lovely way to spend a day though. :)

  14. why can’t everyday be like that??

    sounds wonderful friend.

    especially the naptime part :)

  15. That was the most disappointing storm ever!

  16. Sounds like fun expect for the hurricane part :-)

  17. (think Napoleon Dynamite when you read this…)

    Luuucky. Geez.

  18. Sounds perfectly yummy to me!

  19. that’s awesome. Not the hurricanes, but the “blowing this day and doing something that is not planned” Part of it!!

  20. a can not complain day! Perfect!

  21. Woot!! Horray for days like that :)

  22. Yay for Tropical Storms that fizzle out before landfall and provide much needed time off and naps.
    Glad to hear Edouard wasn’t much of a threat.

  23. I want a rainy day!
    Well a real one, not just scattered sprinkles!

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